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Thanks for clarifying, it's been a while since I saw the explanation video about the whole situation. I've now heard of many channels having problems with YouTube's copyright system, also ones outside of pony, and the whole copyright system is just really complicated and inconsistent, and there is next to no communication from YouTube. Even in cases where the claims are definitely unjustified it takes YouTube weeks to respond and monetization is completely disabled for that time.

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By the way, they never got a C&D. Youtube's copyright system just automatically claimed their videos for Hasbro so they couldn't monetize their videos.

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Yes, that’s PAL speed up. Everything is 4% faster and the sound, if not corrected, a half-tone higher.

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Because the warning also applies top the comments. So, you know, people can actually discuss the information provided in the post.

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That’s right, the original is only 40 seconds long. I’m looking forward to hear the extended version :)

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Season 6 has already been confirmed. Besides, ratings are far less important than merchandise sales.

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Poe's law is at it again, especially because of all the other comments I already read here.

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Or, more likely, someone from Discovery Family forgot to inform Apple/iTunes that they changed the airing order and iTunes pushed out the episodes in their original production order.
But I don't want to disturb your conspiracies...

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Yes, I see the emote.
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