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TWO partially Fluttershy-centric comics?!!! AWESOME!

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I missed the info. on this stuff... Link(s), please?

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Well, that's simple, but it makes sense... Celestia was already given Sombra as a love interest in the comics, anyway (for those who want to consider it canon like me), so any potential love story involving her and Discord wouldn't make sense... Now, Discord and Fluttershy is a whole other thing all together, though XD!

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This is sure to be interesting! Seems like a good type of story for the comics to tackle... Looking forward to it.

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GOD FORBID Hasbro to add a download link for the songs =_= ... *Sighs*

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Yeah, there's probably a ton of haters out there, but I'm really excited for this movie! Plan on seeing it in theaters, too!

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I really don't see how when the two episodes air makes a difference... I'd rather they just stick to the hour specials, honestly. I mean, sure that has the tendency to build up more suspense, but it doesn't make any difference in the long run on the actual story of the show. Anyway, I'm guessing this "road trip" could possibly be the beginnings of an ongoing arc. They FINALLY tackled the concept of a season-long story arc in s4, after all, so MAYBE it's possible..

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Well, this is sure to be an epic adventure for the Mane Six! It seems like Twilight will have to go to the places specified on the map in the castle to spread the joy of friendship... Which most likely won't be any easy task!

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All the info. about season 5 was very interesting! The 100th episode is sure to be spectacular, and I'm definitely looking forward to the Luna Nightmare and Pie Family episodes! I wonder what's up with the thing about Applejack's parents, though?... I guess since it's a hard subject to approach, that most likely means they are, in fact, dead as most of the fandom speculates.... Hmm... Anyway, I'll just continue getting my pony fix from the comics until this sure-to-be amazing season premieres.

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Adorable, hilarious, and very well animated! And loved that the ending was based on an anime ED! (Though, I have yet to see Kill la Kill...) I don't know much about D&D, but I still appreciate the nerdyness of it XD.