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Try it out. It's a love or hate kind of thing.

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I haven't watched an abridged series yet that doesn't regularly take shots at the original show.

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The song itself has Twilight barely trying to justify her actions to herself ("it's not creepy" "it's not evil") and the characters in the episode point out how creepy it is multiple times.
I leave a lot of criticism of FiW alone because I realize that crass humor isn't for everyone but sometimes people are just wrong.

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SJW doesn't mean anything. At this point, people just use it to describe others they disagree with. It's like "hipster" all over again.

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If they're actually linked to, it's fine. Sometimes they're not hidden and it just kind of annoys me. It's not about being morally opposed to saucy images, because I'm not. There are just times and places where I don't want to see then and EQD is one such place.

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Congrats. That's the 4th time I've read that exact comment this year.

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Yeah, her backstory annoyed me. It was one of the few things I didnt like in the otherwise great finale.

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Mine would be just write Spike better in his own episodes.

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Honestly, I thought Teen Titans went on a bit too long. It should have ended after Raven's daddy issues.

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You keep basing your argument on what Hasbro isn't actually doing.