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Amazing finale! Just WOW! Tirek was epic and that battle was even more! Cannot wait for the next season! SO HYPE!

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Thank you all so much! What a season! Bravo on the entirety and special thanks for that AWESOME finale! I'm so super hyped for the next season and the EG movie! MLP FTW!

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Sunset looks so cool as well as the rest. Cannot wait to see this movie! Fingers crossed for a wide theatrical release.

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Looks cool.

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Looks good. Can't believe there is only this and the finale left! Oh well, it'll be a good three episodes, then EG RR and S5!

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I didn't like him before, he was utterly useless, merely comedic relief and not always funny to begin with. He was always hit or miss with a joke. He was rather annoying before this season, which has been getting hate/dislike for multiple reasons I usually tend to disagree with. This shows he can grow into a character and not background hit or miss comedy relief.

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I like where their taking Spike this season. I didn't used to like him, but I'm starting to. In Power Ponies, they showed he isn't worthless and helps out a lot. In last week's, they had him learn a valuable friendship lesson like the rest of the cast. This one seems like not letting popularity go to your head or don't let your nerves get the best of you, something along those lines. I really hope they can morph Spike the way they have been into a much more likeable, fleshed out character! Episode looks great too!

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Insert witty anti EG/anti Twilicorn comment here. Anyway, the way I want it to end is a nice epic battle between the Mane six and the villain plus a small cliffhanger to kick off the start of Season 5!

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Discord antics are always funny! And a magic stealing villain?! Sweet! The hype builds whilst the plot thickens! Yay!

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It's out?! Yay! This arc is awesome and I can't wait to read this and the other two parts!