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I desperately want one of those alarm clocks but can't afford one at the moment, so am thinking of DIYing something with a timer and a lamp :)

Absolutely agree on the hot dinners! Litres of vegetable winter soup prepped on Sunday afternoon, reheated on weekday evenings with tiny pasta and parmesan and parsley. Wonderful.

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I very much get what you're saying, though I also find it helpful to make myself do things I really don't feel like because of the weather - such as getting my boots and coat on and going for a walk or working out, as the endorphins then stay with me throughout the day. I try to strike a balance between that and the "little things".

I have to get on the sunlamp thing, I'm seeing those recommended a lot.

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Winter self-care thread toasties ?

We've had a pretty easy run of it so far in my part of the world, but winter will be upon us with a vengeance from tomorrow onwards. I'm not sure I'd go as far as to say that I suffer from SAD, but it's definitly not my favorite time of year.

I try to follow the basic advice like getting out of the house and exercising as much as possible, and also have a few tricks I know work for me like lighting candles in the evening, wearing bright colors and having flowers around, going to bed early and keeping my apartment tidy.

What do you all do to keep the winter blues at bay?

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Truth. I did make a fetching industrial chic lampshade out of one when I was a student though.

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I am yet to seriously injure myself with a mandoline, but am seriously considering investing in a pair of those gloves after grating my thumb while grating a carrot. On three seperate occasions, within the same week (I love carrots). But I am the sort of person who really would be better off in a cut-resistant bodysuit.

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Is France generally perceived to be racist by Americans?

Half-French person and french resident here, asking out of genuine curiosity. Some of my friends from other European countries (including Germany, Spain, Italy and Eastern Europe) have remarked upon visiting me about how integrated France seems to be compared to where they live - to quote verbatim "You see so many black people in business attire here".
(Am obviously not denying that we do have a race problem!).

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I think I read somewhere that attributing personalities to inanimate objects is a form of synaesthesia? I don't name my devices, but I do get attached to them and upset when they die.
All the best to your laptop! My macbook is now so old that guys have started using it as an opener in coffee shops ("Wow, haven't seen one of those in a while").

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This is fabulous. "Tense, languid, wine-fueled days"! Thank you.

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I don't know anything about Tavi's background, but you're most likely right. And privilege in media is very much something we need to continue discussing.

However, I don't really see any point in putting absolutely everything through the privilege wringer and picking apart individual successes, unless they're unwarranted or the person in question demonstrates a questionable* attitude, which isn't Tavi's case as far as I know.

*Substituted for "problematic", a word Tumblr has rendered me allergic to.

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Yep, with a towel - one that is kept specifically for that purpose, obv.