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Probably the best outcome given no money to hire a proven big name. Now lets see if Buff faithfuls dig in their pocket because they will ask to fork out big bucks.

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I think he got the record right.The only problem is not in year one, more likely year three. Not a quality win this year to seven wins in the next. Dreamer and a major lack of football knowledge.

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First clue that Hawkins was a mistake, only one assistant coach followed him to Boulder and returned to BS the next year. I think he was the strength coach. Regardless, CU is settling, and this hire only proves what a un-desireable job Colorado represents in Division I football.

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As I said months ago, who would want to be the football coach at CU.....no one who can make a difference and turn this mess around is still the answer. Why would pick a tight end coach who isn't qualified as a head coach? What other head coach list would he be on? This is better than Cabral? If you were going to settle, this is best Bohn could do?

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This whole coaching turnover situation caught Bohn and everyone involved by total surprise......right. Only had a year to prepare. Take all the time you need and make sure all the quality players commit somewhere else. Lots of proven big names have surfaced for this top Division 1 job.......they just have yet to share those names. Anyone else notice how major programs who fire their coach already have the new guy lined up?

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.......but Mac`s bluster proved bigger than his bite, as he finished 3-9-1 against the Huskers -- including losses in his last three games.

And to think this is the BEST CU has to offer. The program has always had a bigger bluster than it's bite. It won't change, just the faces will be different. Takes more than a new coach to win at a high level which is why schools like Nebraska have a successful history. Face up sports fans, the Buffs big rival is in Fort Collins where there is a chance of winning. Sucks to be a Buff.

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Neil, I have always wondered if you read this blogs and give them much thought. Best to you in your new ventures.

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What needs changed at CU that can really impact the results on the field? The commitment to win is lip service only. Top schools where the best coaches want to work understand what schools do in creating the environment that creates winning. CU lost that when Gordon Gee went to Ohio State. A new coach isn't enough. The last 3 coaches are examples of losing battles on and off the field.

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Another CU scandal brewing. How many coaches does one AD get to hire and pay to leave?

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The Three Stooges are in charge. Benson, DiStefano, and Bohn. Can't wait to see how this turns out.