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Well said Elaine. I remember Nick Clegg said as much in that televised debate he had with Nigel Farage a few years ago. Obviously, Clegg was being economical with the actualite.

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May is totally useless and needs to resign.
When I heard so many pro-remain candidates were being selected as PPCs, it was clear that May and the Remaniacs were preparing a stitch-up.
Trouble is, all this did was fuel division, so we got the likes of Rudd and Hammond to spout their crap.
Boris was slammed over his piece in the Telegraph but Hammond was disloyal over the summer holidays and Rudd slammed Boris on the Marr show.
Had the party chosen more Brexiteers as candidates as PPCs, much of the division would have been avoided. It says much when a talented man like Dan Hannon did not get a seat. For all the troubles he caused Ukip, Douglas Carswell is a talented thinker and could have made a decent Conservative MP as he used to be..
We have a Remaniac establishment in control of the Conservative Party.
But it is all too clear that they are wrecking the Conservative Party.
We saw that in the election campaign and it is all too clear from what May said yesterday the Remaniacs are destroying the Conservative Party and Britain's status as a democracy hangs in the balance.

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Some of us Kippers were looking to return home to the Tories.
Doubt it will happen now, at least while May and the Remainers are around.
And it certainly won't if May is replaced with another Remainer and/or Brexit does not mean brexit.

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So lets get this right then?
We voted to leave in June 2016.
We waited 9 months to declare Article 50.
Then we have two years transition before finally 'leaving' in 2019.
But then we have a further two years transition on top.
So it takes five years to leave, though probably only if the Tories hand on to power that long.
We have a Remaniac Big State campaigning heavily against Brexit, watering it down, etc.
I say we have had some transition already. Five years is far too long.
2019 should be the date we leave. We did not vote for a transition. We voted leave.
If the EU rejects Mays absurdly generous offer, then we walk away.
We announce a move to WTO terms from 2019.
With the £18-20bn saved, we can make our economy Brexit ready.
Use the cash for those IT systems, extra staff at ports, etc, and if need be, subsidised training for employers, if they need to replace UK staff with British workers.
We need to stop being bullied by Brussels.
It is time to tell them to go whistle.

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So Theresa May looks set to sell out by offering £20Bn.
But how much stronger would the UK position be if we had not so many Remoaners in cabinet and other positions of influence. Boris spoke for many when he said the EU could 'go whistle.'
It is vital for the survival of this government and the Conservative Party that it unites behind the instructions given to it by the British people- that is LEAVING the EU. Otherwise we are not a democratic nation.
Ministers and MPs must go out their pro-actively sell brexit as the enemies of democracy are everywhere.
They are in the BBC, they are on Sky news, they are sadly in the Conservative Party and alas in our cabinet as well. They are a major part of the establishment elite.
I was watching Question Time last night and Vince Cable seemed more concerned about the rights of the EU citizens living in the UK than Brits who live overseas. It clearly showed where his priorities lie, what his thoughts are, how he feels about Britain. He prefers to put Brussels first as do many on the left, as do many Remainers.
He wants a second referendum, just has been the cause in other EU countries when the Irish or whoever voted the 'wrong' way.
But didn't Theresa May actually suggest dealing with the residents issue ages ago but this was rejected by the EU?
The BBC, especially, has acted like agents of Brussels. As state funded media I don't expect them to be pro-government like Pravda in the Soviet era, but you think it might be more even handed to those who must pay its bills on the pain of threatened imprisonment for non-payment of the tv licence.
Anyway, I will await the details of what the PM has to say and the reactions of fellow Brexiteers.
But Britain holds all the cards. The EU need us more than we need it. We have the trade deficit and on what legal basis is such a divorce payment? Can anyone cite the sections of which act or statute such payments must be made?
When funds are tight, when there was uproar over a billion or so for the DUP deal, £20bn or whatever will have to have a strong legal and moral basis. Every penny going to the EU, means a penny less on our own public services, or a penny more in tax or a penny more on our deficit.
Today is a very important day. Theresa May will help determine whether or not the people rule Britain or instead we are subject to a ruling oligarchy.
And would it be too cheeky for me to suggest Britain's first trade deal be with the free and independent state of Catalonia.

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Exactly, The Afd is simply a euro-sceptic party that opposes the mass migration that Merkel implemented without any consultation with her European partners.
The SDP . Christian Democrats, etc, are simply two cheeks of the same arse, part of the same establishment/ elite. A bit like LibLabCon here.
Now we see Merkel strong arming other countries, especially those in Eastern Europe, to take some of the masses of migrants she invited in.
Think about it, she let them in simply on her say so, without a thought to the rest of the EU.
Now she is bullying her neighbours and in just a few years, these million or so migrants will have freedom of movement.
Let us hope we are out of the EU before any of them can come to Britain, which they might as many will speak English.

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I keep hearrng on Guido and elsewhere that the Tories are deliberately messing things up.
They don't want brexit, they don't want to win, etc, all sorts of conspiracy stuff..
This theory would certainly be true if Osborne returned to the Tories.
I can't think of anyone as odious and unpopular.
He makes me warm to Theresa May..

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Considering the billion or so deal with the DUP attracted so much uproar, what can we say about the uproar to come from a £20bn payout to the EU?

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Teddy was one of the giants when we had giants in politics.
Even Labour had people of stature in those days.
We see little of this these days.
So many lightweights.
Yet, they still get to Number Ten , Number 11 or become opposition leader.

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The PM needs to sack those who wish to thwart the wish of the people.
Goodbye Hammond. Goodbye Rudd and goodby other Remainers.
If she does not do so it will be Goodbye May.
And probably the death of the Conservative party as it will be shown to have killed democracy in Britain.
After Hammonds disloyal summer ramblings and Rudd's treacherous remarks at Boris, this bland and uninspiring gruesome twosome should first be shown the door.
Boris showed a positive vision, one we rarely see from the government.
He has that spark we need in a leader.
Of course, David Davis has that gravitas we need as well.
Davis for PM for the next few years and Boris will have his turn next.
If not for election 2022, the one after.