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Rainbow Dash unexpectedly finds herself snout to snout with a newcomer to town, a Pegasus stallion called Iridescent Streak. He is the male incarnation of Dash in every way; from coat and mane to brash and competitive personality. He is also the only other pony beyond herself and royalty to achieve the speed needed for the sonic rainboom... much to Dash’s horror.

Dash struggles to come to terms with all this. She has to decide if she hates this challenge to her once unrivalled awesomeness... or is attracted to him. She loves herself afterall, so why not her male mirror image.

Applejack and Scootaloo are quite smitten.

Twilight becomes even more aggravated that she isn’t the focus of events, again.

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Strangely engrossing... I couldn't look away. Hope there were no subliminal ideas implanted in my head... <twitches randomly>

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Ah... I find my thoughts drifting back to an old episode of Red Dwarf. Trippy times those were :)

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Likely, yes. Google Play also refuses to give me purchase access... another geographical limitation no doubt.
C'mon USA, the UK is like one of your states now anyway. Damn near everything I grew up with has been American in origin.

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Yep. To completely annihilate a planet, you'd need the same amount of anti-particles as there are particles of normal matter making up the planet (a positron for every electron, an antiproton for every proton etc etc). This would leave nothing if every particle successfully interacts.

In reality though, a much smaller matter-antimatter interaction could thermalise the atmosphere or blast chunks out of the crust... either would likely end life on the planet. It would still need to be an impractically large (in terms of antimatter content) bomb though.

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Should it be "You're free to go"? :p

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The Temeraire series of books could likely be ponified... though Peter Jackson would likely kick up a stink since he's optioned the film rights already.