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I found this earlier today. It looks like Episode one but with subtitles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaDvpwo93tc

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Didn't they say before at a previous MLP convention that Applejack's parents were either traveling salesponies or they died, and it just wasn't suitable to talk about in a children's show?

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Well just cause the CMC finally got their cutie marks doesn't mean they can't stay as a group. The CMC still makes sense as a name to refer to helping other ponies find their marks. Plus, just because you have a cutie mark doesn't mean you know what it means. It took until now to learn that Diamond Tiara's meant that she's good for leadership rather than nothing as was expected.

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1: No Twilight. We just messaged the Stork and asked them to deliver us a pony baby. He agreed and now we get a baby and a 2 for 1 coupon at Hometown Buffet!

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*Fluttershy's voice* A quasi-Changeling/pony offspring would be pretty cool! ..... Uhm... I mean, if that's okay with everypony else... *ears lower.*

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Is Alexstrazsa the same Alexstrazsa who's the admin on fimfiction.net?

If so, I'd like to point out that if you're taking the name from the Life-Binder from WoW, then it really should be spelled "Alexstrasza" with the z after the s.

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Is "The Dreaded Wolpertinger" a reference to World of Warcraft?

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This is awesome. As people learn to create lifesize plushies, other people will emulate them and build their own lifesize plushies. In the end, the people who originally created the lifesize plushies will attempt to stand out more by creating more sturdy plushies and so on, until eventually one of their machinations will be in the form of a Princess Luna that someone can actively ride on. When that day comes forth please call upon me and I will ride Princess Luna and/or Fluttershy into battle!

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There are times in which I am positively freaked out by these videos, like this one particular video about Celestia bursting into song and numerous Celestia parasites dance on Celestia's body. This was not one of those videos. This was one of those videos in which it was so weird that it turned out to be hilarious. Thank you Sethisto! This weird video made my day!

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You didn't include Spike on the list!