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LOL Why do we have unions in the first place? If people could be trusted to run a business ethically, there would be no need to protect everything regarding business. Unfortunately, the current culture of business in America has been corrupted by greed and often puts profit over morals. Goons?? The goons were already there, you just think your on to something because you finally woke up, but you missed a lot while you were asleep when conservatives stagnated progress technologically with ignorance, which lead to fear and hate. For example, take stem cell research, why aren't we further?

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What was the motivation behind this? Seems Republicans do not like any program simply because it is federally funded or poised to create social justice amongst the skewed image of a true free economy. Things have been ran like a ponzi scam in this country for sooo long, people want to act like this is all revelation or Obama's fault. Be mad at yourselves if anything for not being educated citizens and taking things for face value. Even just listening to Beck without doing your own research is misleading. Maybe its not deliberate, but he finds a way to elude that his opinion is the truth because its based from "facts". But, often people are statistically illiterate and stats do not always reflect the greater good, but only reflect THAT specific group or cluster being surveyed. Misleading and just as much a shiest as the liberals try to pull.

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Breitbart and Beck both share a common perspective. One that does not include all Americans and only represents their demographics, excluding others, like minorities. The truth??? I see some statistics which are misleading and "suggest" things that lead to the assumptions and beliefs of Breitbart and Beck. It's opinion, not to be synonymous with "truth". The twilight zone I see going on includes the institutional racism being perpetuated by these biased perspectives. Just because you are up front about your bias point of view doesn't make it any less offensive. Sure there are liberals with their crazy views, but nevertheless, don't peg me as a dem just because I don't agree with the voice of republicans or conservatives, I know how these discussions can go. For the people who have not experienced racism or just do not know what they are talking about regarding race, like Beck or Breitbart, just keep your mouth closed and your blog free from your ignorant rants of racism not being a problem in this country still. Maybe put down some of those history books once in a while and start with sociology and political science. Bias is bias, no matter what form, it stagnates progress and evolution of thought. Always "conserving" tradition and OLD ways of doing things is not always prudent.

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So do you tell all the people in the rest of the country, if you don't like things the way they are then move!? What about the people who are angry with this administration, do you tell them to stop complaining about Obama and democrats holding the house and to just move?? I'm sure the entire scope of what that communist nations history behind that was, but controlling the resources is a little different than being subjected to policies of government that are defined as genocidal acts. I'm not sure if your familiar with the American Indian history, because most aren't, but it's a little more complicated than just picking up all your family and leaving. My point is that there are people out there who really need help, not the guys complaining because they think that things were fine the way they used to be. Also, you were speaking of a communist nation, but this is America, not the same.

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What do you mean by "as good as it gets?" How does my race come into this? Are you white by any chance?

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I see you are another one hated on in here. You gotta keep posting to get up to my status of "hated" LOL -84p!! Most people don't even reply to me tho, they have no argument I guess or are scared. LOL

Yea Glen reads a lot about the perspectives of the old days but times are not the same. We can learn from history, but that doesn't mean we do the exact same things. Those "revolutionaries" of their time were radicals. They broke the law doing what they did. From those I have talked to, I doubt there are those that are willing to go to that extent. I personally don't like the idea of ordinary shmo's having guns. Most people aren't even responsible enough to vote.

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Well the worst change America has ever seen is debatable, and I think is more of your perception too. I would say the most part of America's war against the Native American cultures, some would call even genocidal acts, during Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act were far "worse" changes made to America from my point of view. We STILL feel those repercussions today. Far worse than the state of the economy. I take those tea party's serious, I have had some racially charged conversations with many at these events. When you say We will win our country back, who exactly do you mean by "we"?

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This is funny. And you managed to get Hilter in there LOL. Is that 7 out of 10 people who already have health care? I'm tired of that argument that 70 percent of people are fine with their health care, well until they get sick anyways, because those are the ones who already have coverage. The argument for change is because there are so many without any coverage. Are those people reflected in that statistic? Sure the one's who can afford it don't have a problem with it, just as long as they don't get sick more than twice a year so they don't run past their premium. I know we can't just blindly trust everything the government does or says, but it seems like conservatives and Fox are trying to scare you in other ways, don't blindly trust anyone.

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Don't forget the history of religion and Indians in the westward expansion of The United States of America. The effects and use of christian religions that the Native people were subjected to, was not a great representation of all that tolerance and unity that your describing. Most of American Indian history includes recollections of the American flag and the cross hovering over the bodies of all their slaughtered people. So, some may not be so willing to blindly trust just because some say, oh, things are different now. I would reply to that, "oh yea? When is the last time you visited a reservation?" I like the "idea" of those words, but I would like to see that in action more than simply hearing about it.