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Spot on Lawyer!. That is exactly the point I wanted to send to Mr Griffin but didn’t know how to. For heavens sake let's do what you say. We should be saving time and money and getting on with what's important, winning seats at elections because saving our country is what counts not, as you say, legal doublespeak

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Not only is the crime of violent rape horrendous to the victim but if carried out by black African immigrants, then there is a distinct possibility that the victim will get Aids. Our politicians are aware of this but would rather see our women suffer than upset the black vote and that includes David Cameron who screams racist at every opportunity

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This disgraceful affair reminds me of when Winston Churchill noticed that a newly appointed member to the front bench seemed very agitated. When asked what the problem was, the young man replied, “I have never been so close to the enemy before” Winston shook his head and said “They aren’t the enemy Son, that’s the opposition, the enemy is sitting behind you!” The moral is, Know your enemy and watch your back!

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Bravo ChanelleK! There is always someone who gives support, that's what real team work is.

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What a lovely gracious person Rachel is, a credit to her country and the BNP.
Unlike the Royal (?) British(?) Legion who, via the press, gave her a slap in the face then held their politically soiled hand out for the money.

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Re: Muslims think Owls are evil (Wolfblood)
Yes that seems to be true. I can remember some time back, that a northern town started removing ancient metal posts that had the towns symbol, an Owl, on them because the Muslims had complained. As for Rochdale’s “Three Owls” bird rescue, you can bet your bottom dollar that there is an ulterior motive for the Councils action after 47 years of operation.

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Good work Nick; let’s keep up the pressure on Rochdale Council.
We have a large R.S.P.C.A rescue centre near me and a large N.C.P.L dog rescue centre some distance away, will they become Zoos too?

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Jon J
Thank you. Please feel free to use it if you wish


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This government with the support of the Conservatives have programmed everything to elevate the ethnic cultures and destroy Britain’s culture and heritage. Every white person’s action is condemned as racist but every black person has the freedom to speak and act as they please, daring anyone to complain and face prison. They silence all white objections by inventing special hate words. People who question government policy quietly are RACIST those who protest loudly, (like the BNP), are called NAZIS. Those who question the interference of European Bureaucrats in our traditions and laws are XENOPHOBIC those who wish to remain British are LITTLE ENGLANDERS and so the verbal violence goes on until everyone is silenced by fear of retribution. Even the Police have been rendered ineffectual against ethnic or black crime by the words INSTITUTIONALLY RACIST. It’s a deliberate act of rule by intimidation. They sneer at what you hold dear isolate you because constant government media propaganda makes sure that you are brainwashed into believing you are now in the minority. Having forced multiculturalism on us, silencing those who object with the threat of prison,

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In our country a black man can shout publicly, “I am proud to be black, black is beautiful” Trevor Phillips, Brown and Cameron would lead the cheering and applause. The colours have their own privileged associations However, if a white man says, I’m proud to be a white, white is beautiful” the same people would have him arrested for being racist. Any association to protect the white indigenous population means prosecution.