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They got an actual cellist to play this? Amazing... :)

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So how long until this project gets cancelled or hit with a cease and desist?
Place your bets people!

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I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, but is anyone else seeing something rather not-PG looking at image #40?

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As expressed by just about every other comment here, I think Lullaby for a Princess has this one in the bag. And well deserved it is too.

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The fact that she made this as part of her university work makes it all the more priceless.

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He isn't so much of a reviewer as he is an analyst. And a very thorough one at that. But not a reviewer. So, technically true. Just saying.

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I'm just surprised this hasn't been taken down by Hasbro yet...

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Hmm, the lack of actual Youtube links disturbs me...

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Personally, I go with the mare body type because I dislike the appearance of stallion body type. Also, I'm not exactly the tallest, strongest guy in the world so a slimmer body type suits better. I know this is the case with several people that I know.
Another factor is that there are a lot more vectors and references of female show characters, so it is easier to create a mare body typed character.

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Pretty fun game overall.
My main criticism is the slippery controls. They make some of the platforming near impossible.