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Shoggoths! :

My Little Shoggoth, My Little Shoggoth, A-a-a-ah!
(My Little Shoggoth)
I used to wonder what horror could be
(My Little Shoggoth)
Until you all shared its magic with me
Big Cthulhu
Tons of Yith
A Yog-Sothoth
Faithful Dagon
Fungal Mi-Go on every street
And Azathoth makes it all complete
(My Little Shoggoth)
Don't you know you're whole world's coming to its end!

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I think the new poll is broken. I can't find "All of the Above" on it anywhere!

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The great thing about being between seasons: catching up on the hundreds of amazing fan works which get made in the meantime. :D

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The mane six all go to Canterlot for a weekend. Unfortunately, Twilight gets called away not long after they arrive to perform some Princess-specific duties, leaving her friends in the palace with Celestia and Luna. The five go out of their way to not be a burden and try to remain formal and proper around the princesses - much to their chagrin, as they really just want to take the rare opportunity to spend time with some of their favorite subjects. Meanwhile, Discord - who is also at the castle - understands the entirety of the situation, finds it hilarious, and tries to give the five pointers on how to behave around the princesses (which are, of course, total nonsense).

Everything ultimately accumulates into a giant mess occurring right as Twilight returns, leading her to see her friends panicking like crazy, the two princess staring wide-eyed at everything that's happening. Everyone apologizes for their disrespect to the princesses, feeling that they'd understand if the princesses forbade them from returning to Canterlot ever again. At which point, the two burst out laughing. They then explain that they honestly don't care much for formalities and have grown rather bored of them, and that they just wanted to make sure their pupil's best friends had a fun, relaxing weekend.

Another round of lighter-hearted apologies and a journal update later, and we got ourselves an episode. And we'd get the triumvirate of Luna, Discord, and Sun Butt all in the same thirty-minute time slot; the internet would explode.

Oh! There's also be one of Ingram's amazing melodies in there as well. (Spoiler: it would be one of the five - I'm thinking Fluttershy or Rarity - accidentally trotting in on one of the princess' while they're taking a bath and singing to their little rubber ducky. Make it happen, Hasbro!)

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The Everfree forest... most of the trip's expenses would be spent on armor-piercing tranq darts.

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I ish-way I ould-cay ead-ray apanese-jay. :(

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Did anyone else find the video a tad Maudlin?

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The maker of the video was surely on a mission from Maud.

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Really it's just a bad advertisement for something which may or may not be legitimately good. The part I dislike most about it is that the advertisements are unlikely to get much better, because if we complain about the ad, then they'll see people are talking about it and decide it was a success. If we ignore it, they'll make more and more even more obnoxious than it to get people's attention. And if anyone says they think it's good, then Hasbro will decide it was a success, we'll see more ads like it, AND someone's pants will have spontaneously combusted.

So no matter what, we lose, and this overly saccharine mess will only multiply until it has swallowed the internet in a way the Great Smooze (hallowed be his slime) could only dream of doing. Well played Hasbro. Well played...

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Looks like back when I took the first survey, I was the only one in my county. Now that I've moved, I'm in a county that had zero, and will probably once again be the only one reporting... Forever alone. :(

(Although, I did see one guy wearing a Rainbow Dash t-shirt at a local marching band competition once, just for an instant. Then he vanished, never to be seen again... To this day, I still regret not getting the chance compliment his shirt... The End?)