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No words for how much I love this.

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The stuff I've read while perusing friends' Grindr profiles makes me unsurprised by this, but it was a great read and I'm really glad someone is talking about it.

I'm mostly commenting to agree that Asian babies are the cutest of all babies, though. It's not even a close race.

Edited to add: maybe a close race was the wrong metaphor here. Oops. Haha. They blow all other babies out of the water? They run circles around all the other babies?

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I want to be a nice Presbyterian girl with an Aunt Jims and a Patty's Place and a Rusty when I read Island. But alas.

I think Dora is so much worse than Davy though! I want to push her into a mud pie myself!

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Bad-Toastie confession. I played Hodel opposite a very gay Perchik and I lorded it over the other girls shamelessly and flirted constantly with the two-years-younger-boy playing Motel just because it wasn't enough to sing "Far From The Home I Love" and secretly sew seams into my costume so it was straining against my adolescent boobs.

Theatre kids.

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Oof is right.

*slinks off to fold boyfriend's laundry*

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I've never heard of farm animals being allowed in city limits! The bylaw in my parents' city is pretty recent, actually. We live in Alberta.

But the mess and the noise is a personal affront to my dad's perfect yard. He refers to the neighbours derisively as the Clampetts and then goes to sit by his "Garage Mahal" and his driving net and his pressure washer.

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The all would love to hear my dad's monologues about the URBAN CHICKENS next door (always in all caps.) it's legal in their city to have backyard chickens and my dad haaaaaaaaates the neighbours for it. He never gets tired of discussing the URBAN CHICKENS.

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We ordered me an inexpensive lab-created birthstone ring because of that garbage. I don't believe in diamonds for both ethical reasons and a disapproval of wedding-industrial-complex-"look how much my husband thinks I'm worth, here is my massive, artificially inflated in price rock!" culture, but I don't want to spend my whole life having people give me crap about no ring. So we bought a cheap Etsy thing and I'll wear it to shut my mom, his extended family, and any harpy acquaintances up.

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I would change my stance on having kids if I could be guaranteed to birth a girl like this one. Alas.

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I want to link this on Facebook so badly, but I fear the rain of panic and chaos and anger it will impart.

Wait. Wait. Wait. We're getting engaged right away. I am going to post one of those obnoxious shots of my hand with a ring on it ALONG WITH A LINK TO THIS.

And I will screenshot the fallout when I do.