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Since there is confusion as to what our tea parties really mean, indirectly or directly manipulated by the media, we should change the name to “Hancock Party” after John Hancock, for his bold signature on the “Declaration of Independence”. Just as we are doing today, making a bold statement that we are tired of these party lines; Dem and Rep, If there is to be a “Tea Party” in Washington DC, then make the change there, as well as to symbolize our disdain for what is happening to our nation by both parties, we burn (or destroy, shred, etc…) our voter registration cards. Declaring our “Independence” from party lines, so that there is no confusion to our movements name, and what our movement really is about, the reinstitution of the “Constitution of the United States”, and for it to be supported by our representatives, for the people by the people.
Just a thought.

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Good Work, Lest keep this post going!

Thanks GreatAmerican99

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Great link, thanks for the heads-up. Current MSNBC rank of 2.5 million polled: Obama is failing our nation!
A: 32%
B: 6.5%
C: 5.4%
D: 14%
F: 42%

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Continued again...part 3 of 3

So in turn we must also tell them that we are not purchasing their products or services and why. If there is enough people that will do this, make this sacrifice, because we will be making a sacrifice as well by not using certain services and products, they will stop advertising on those media organizations, especially TV media. Just might bring in more revenue for FOX News, hmmm.
IF you think that this is a good idea, reply, share your idea, your thoughts on how this will be effective, or not. However, I truly believe that this is something that the 9/12 project web-site needs to help organize on this site. We need accurate list of those who sponsor on liberal media format. Maybe if there are enough replies, this site might just create a webpage to help. Accurate information on the companies and who they advertise with is absolutely a must.

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This idea is just a business decision, period. We need to stop sending money to those that support the demise of this great nation. If we protest with signs in front of CNN in Atlanta, it would just give them fuel for their fire, they would just report on how misguided we are, or how we were funded by the evil capitalist to protest them. Waste of time and energy.
Lastly, if media formats like MSNBC are in support of liberals, socialism, Marxism, etc... , and report on how evil capitalist are, but need capitalism to fund their ideals TO abuse their positions through the use of propaganda and unethical journalistic practices. Then let’s show them how hypocritical they really are. By taking away their capital. They just might change their tune, and start reporting the news, or go under in defiance. Again; remember, in business, all business decisions come down to MONEY, Period. If companies start to see a negative change in their bottom line, they will change the direction of their company in order to survive.
Continued again....

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Every business decision comes down to the bottom dollar, money. Media organizations do not make money off of the viewers watching their programs, they receive money to OPERATE from their advertisements of products and services, paid for by those companies that advertise on their media format (TV, Radio, cable networks, Newspapers, etc…). In example, John Deere advertises on MSNBC, how many farmers here buy John Deere? Are you in the market for another combine harvester? Or how many of us are in need of a new lawn tractor, John Deer manufacturers a great unit to do the job, but why purchase an item from a company that will in turn send a portion of our money to fund MSNBC; hence, we are supporting MSNBC.

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