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Here's my theory - maybe they're creating a Jinder vs Rusev feud in the future. You can't really build that dynamic for Rusev as a babyface on the level in a fatal 4 way, and so maybe they're to pit him against a guy who has a ton of heat on him from the fans, you know, kind of like the slow burn. I have heard that the Rusev vs Jinder from this week(?) Smackdown had a pretty nice face vs heel thing going. If anything, I hope they pull this off. Rusev is amazing, and when he wins the US title, it's going to be huge

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They used her name as a Women's tournament not too long ago. Using it again would've been redundant, don't you think?

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Oh lord, no. You see them enough times already during the WM season here anyway. And they're mostly garbage.

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People on Facebook are just the worst. Commenting such as "why did she came back if she was just going to be injured?" or "Sasha Banks is the worst for injuring Paige. I hope she gets some kind of punishment or worse". This kind of stuff really makes you hate people all the more.

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I think they didn't chose him because they can feed Gargano to Almas to strengthen his title run, since Johnny has taken some losses in comparison to Black(maybe in an unfair fashion, like a lot of people suggesting that Ciampa might cost Johnny the title). They can always do Black vs Almas around Wrestlemania season. They know that Black is hot iron, they're just letting him burn more

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Actually, not really. There have been far worse announcers. It's just that he's given crap to work with. I believe that his act with Taz on Smackdown back in the day and with Lawler to some extent was his best work and it really is good material to listen to

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Angry Joe said it best "TMZ is the scum of the earth"

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Tye Dillinger?

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Okay, I'm not joking, this is a serious question. Why are WWE keep making these Marines movies? Does anyone watch them? Are they made in honor of Marines or something every year? I don't see the point of their release

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NXT WarGames sound so much better(haven't watched it yet) than this clusterfk. Good lord, Hunter. Give it a rest. Let someone new to shine