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It's nice to have you back, Phoe, if only for this followup. And nice to see you have good tastes in terms of princesses.

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CreatorOfPony is skilled like that; he's a pro at 3d modeling/animating and I can assure you he doesn't have "too much time in his hands". We're very lucky to have someone like him in this fandom.

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I doubt that's gonna happen.

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You fucked up, Seth.

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Level 3 is too hard, you can't even see what's coming onto you. Fun game nonetheless.

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The artist is currently animating Awesome As I Want to Be using these models. After that, he says he might do more models if he feels like it. In any case, he's already provided a lot of great models for everyone to use, so I'd say he deserves some rest, as well as praise.

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[cautious optimism]

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Button's... mom

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>I hate haitus

Yeah, me too.

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If I recall correctly, the term was first used by a /co/ anon on an image macro featuring RD, saying "Don't mind me / just being the coolest brony around". I can't seem to find the screenshot, though.*

The first time the term was used to refer to a fan of the show was slightly later, again on /co/ (or /b/, don't remember; but I believe it was /co/). Visual evidence:

*EDIT: I've managed to retrieve a screenshot, it was in the Brony Chronicles documentary:
Also, according to Gyropedia, use of the term "brony" to refer to a fan of the show actually comes from plus4chan, as opposed to 4chan. I wasn't able to verify much, since most archives seem to have 404'd.