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It's so weird to see AB with her mark.

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Flash Sentry comes to town and takes Twilight to the beach. Unfortunately, Shining Armor is there too, and the two stallions have a fight over Twilight.

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It's kinda getting hard to know when a character has achieved their dream. Pinkie Pie's goal is to be the best party planner( achieved), Rainbow's was to be a Wonderbolt(pretty much achieved), Rarity's was to be famous for good fashion(also achieved), Applejack's was to repair the barn(yep), and Twilight's was to talk with Celestia all alone(indeed). Fluttershy's was to do... something with animals in the royal garden. Poor Fluttershy... is she the only one who won't achieve her goal?

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First Base and Scootaloo.

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Such good animation, but the sound syncing is just a smidge off.

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Maybe the damage is mental rather than physical.

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What if Mr Ratburn went head to head with Celestia in a cake eating contest?

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The song was lower than average, but the worst song was Spike's Cloudsdale anthem.

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Equestrian Girls are defeated by the New Element Bearers, and Princess Luna and Discord's foal marries Princess Fluttershy.

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Rainbow Dash playing soccer always struck me as odd, she should be on the cross country, track, and diving teams.
Applejack could be a weight lifter.
Pinkie Pie would run track too, maybe?
The problem is, not all the characters are known for being sporty, just like girls in the real world don't have to be super thin.