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Maybe because they've already seen the "Corbett/Cawley" yard signs!

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I attended the PLC. Dolley is correct. I had to ask the person sitting next to me if I actually heard him say that. I bet the Rohrer camp already has an ad with this.

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Kennedy is not taking the pension. He did not take the pension while a state legislator either.

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It is not unusual at all for candidates to hire consulting firms for their campaigns. My comment is that the majority of funds raised for his campaign went to hsi campaign manager for "consulting fees". Not mailers, not radio advertising, not tv advertising, etc. He basically became the meal ticket for Quantum Communications whom he has since fired.

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Is this the same Steve Johnson who gave 80% of his campaign donations to his campaign manager? I would think someone running as a conservative would be more fiscally responsible.

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I don't know if I can support a candidiate dumb enough to give 80% of his war chest to his campaign manager!

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He is an embarrassment to PA.

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Another win for the Nanny State! While we're at it, how about we ban eating while driving, changing radio stations, yelling at the kids and the newest menace to society the GPS! These could all be described as "driving distractions". How long until we aren't allowed to drive with any passengers in the car - we may talk to them!

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All of these "peanuts" add up!

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Why can't any government entity just stop spending! I applaud Commissioner Cross for holding the line on tax increases.