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I guess this means I can cross the border and get that Wheeling Feeling legally in the near future. They seem to stay one step ahead of Pennsylvania in the race for our cash.

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Imagine the fish kill after all that BS is dumped in the river.

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Hey Arlen, try studying Economics first. Then study Michigan. Do you want that fate for the entire country?

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Was there hate involved in the crime. Was the horse BLACK? Or BROWN? Did the vet call it names? " Hey glue ass." : "Take that pitbull chow" If so I think there should be a law against his actions and against his bigotry.

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Stores left these areas because people were stealing them blind and couldn't make a buck. Nobody would be "under-served" is they weren't over-robbing the stores. The only way these stores will stay in business is with subsidies.

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Keep the heat on Commonwealth Foundation.

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Tom Corbett's stock goes up across the aisle as Pennsylvania burns and Nero fiddles. Even the dimmest bulbs there have got to realize the standard of living they are dooming their children to is approaching that of Cuba and not Monte Carlo.

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I hope he goes and the natives eat him.

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Times are tough, recession is here, tax revenues are down. How is it that Dem can't connect the next move, cut spending. Instead their minds jump to raising taxes. Even more insane is to raise spending. Nothing like kicking the economy when it's down.

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This is a Democrat ploy to control the selection of Republican candidates. Imagine running John McCain in perpetuity. Throw in a little ACORN action and we end up with a one Party system. No thanks. Primaries are Party events, not state events.