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No surprise! Like Glenn warns, don't watch the hand you can see, watch the one you can't see. They are getting fully into the swing of bait and switch with our very lives.
Just like this HC bill, they will find time to tuck Cap & Tax or Card Check into another bill some where else. Nothing these traitors are doing is surprising me any longer. They are only preparing to sell us out to some other organization, business, or someone else. They are not acting totally ignorant of the consequences, most know the details of these bills, they're just pushing them through regardless of our best interests as individuals or a nation. These actions are deliberate! We are being sold out for their benefit.

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Sadly, everyone else in the world seems to be catching on to the true "failed policies of the (recent) past" yet our racist organizer-in-chief seems to focused on repeated them on a larger, more restrictive and taxing scale.

We'd better wake up soon and start making some compelling arguments to get our elitist representatives to heed OUR will and not the party line. The sun may soon be rising on osama's Health Scare and Crap & Tax bills and the alarm has to sound louder and more clearer for all to hear. People need to be made more aware of the impact of Crap & Tax, and why it has to be defeated never to return.
The president and Congress is acting "Stupidly," with our nations future. Light bulbs, windmills, solar panels, and toxic hybrid vehicle batteries are not the answer. Creating responsible use of our own resources, and implementation of proven technology is far more beneficial. Restricting, and punishing the use of energy is only going to exacerbate the current down economy. Consider it the equivalent of sending our military into battle against a high tech army with only muzzle loaders.
Nobody wants to pollute our environment, and teaching conservation and mindful use of resources is likely to be more beneficial and provide more growth potential than some monetary scheme directed at punishing those who need and use energy for every aspect of their life.

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Just because this failed campaign staff said it's so, as well as the media, does not make it so. How is it they can claim that he's valid if even some of the most exhaustive research by more qualified agencies have not been able to prove it. Just because one state official claims to have seen a certificate does NOT automatically dismiss claims for proof, or make the continued call for proof absurd.
After all, if I was a sworn state official and claimed I saw Elvis, without being able to present any proof, it is just that, a claim.
Additionally, if I need to present proof of citizenship to re-enter the country or provide a birth certificate to acquire a license, why shouldn't the president be required to openly provide proof if there is so much concern over it?
The fact that there are multiple claims to a deliberate attempt to suppress it, and all school records makes you wonder what he has to hide, and why.

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All I can say is that osama is a poor excuse for a president and leader. He clearly illustrates why executive experience is important. Not only can he not clearly defend his ideas, he cannot even explain what they are.
I guess being a community organizer and good campaigner only goes so far.

I am also sick of the blame game. What true leader has played this card?
This is a typical example of the limited maturity of a liberal. As it has been written about by many others, the example last night was just textbook. How many times did President Bush go on television and whine about the 9/11 attacks being part of a slack intelligence network he inherited?
Additionally, does he really have to play for pity. Oh, they're after me.....boo, hoo!
Why does everything have to be "broken" or an emergency that has to be fixed ASAP? Because if he can cram it down our throats fast enough, before we know what's in the bill, or before our representatives do, we have no chance to fight it.

I'll admit, the bill is not about him, he'd never pass a bill this bad upon himself and his family. He'd never encourage congress to slap something this bad together and vote on it (without reading it) if he had to live by it.

This clown is only trying to play for sympathy and hood-wink the people into taking poison they've been told will heal them.

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I just find it laughable that anyone in ACORN can say that they are non-partisan. That's like the unions saying that they are for a workers right to choose... And we really know what a farce that is. There would be hell to pay, and a witch hunt like that which had never been seen before if a conservative organization had any charges even remotely close to this.

One has to wonder how long people will stupidly sit with their fingers in their ears, blindfold over their eyes, and a gag in their mouth trying to ignore what is happening. Our country is being stolen from under our feet, our children will be enslaved to the state, and still they want to ignore that it's happening. Since most people seem to flip out if they sense an injustice being played out upon their children, I'm just befuddled.

That Kool-Aid must be some powerful stuff!

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Pelosi shouldn't be so hasty in counting votes on the health care issue, she should be worrying about whether or not her opponents are going to have enough votes to defeat her.

As it was just mentioned that the senate may not be voting on the bill until after the recess, it is imaginable that those who are for it right now may not be so eager to vote for it after returning home and confronting constituents.

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And to think, people who scam others, like Bernie Madoff, go to jail; yet our elected officials scam us all day long, sucking money away from supporting our families and we reward them with re-election.
People, let's grab the torches and pitchforks and start driving these crooks from office! We continually allow them to pay lip service to the Constitution, and violate the principles of it each and every day, while we quietly complain and hand over the additional fees, tax, or whatever label they create to describe a new tax as. ENOUGH ALREADY!

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Living across the bridge from Canada, we've had the experience of hearing the stories, from those who suffered under it first hand. Not to mention, the local news has detailed their system several times, and none of it was ever good.
For example, the story of a women giving birth prematurely, and no hospital able to accept her for delivery. Hence, she was air flighted into Buffalo, NY for delivery. Can you believe it..... not even being able to deliver a baby!
Another story, a child being flown to a neighboring city for a broken arm, the hospital was unable to reset it!

Is this the sort of poor treatment we want? Sure, everyone will have coverage, but when will you get treatment, and how much is it ultimately going to cost?
Look people..... If what they are currently offering people for coverage now is bankrupting the country, and only going to get more expensive, how is adding more people to the roles going to make it cost less? The government never becomes more efficient when providing services, what makes anyone think this time will be different? They simply cannot offer something to more people and expect that a miracle of savings will be the result.

The government is not made up of medical professionals, so what makes anyone think they can competently develop a health care system? My cousin is a medical professional, and researcher, who has testified before Congress about health care. He is opposed to nationalized systems due to the fact that their management system is going to cost healthy people their lives.
Besides all of this; they still haven't decided on squat to pay for it, or tell us how it's going to work; but like Crap & Tax, TARP, Stimulus, and a multitudes of bailouts, are we to believe that even though they haven't written or read any of it, it's still is a good thing for us?

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It's about time that those who strove and achieved got the justice they deserved.

Why do we think, as a society, that it is fair to promote someone based solely on a classification the fall into. These men work in an occupation that not only puts their lives in jeopardy, but those who work with them, and those who depend upon them to be qualified to do their job.
What disservice it is to promote someone who is poorly qualified to handle the job. All in the name of "fairness," we place them in danger for the sake of having the correct number of colors, sex, ..... That's liberal compassion for you! How do you explain to a family that their parent/spouse died because they were poorly qualified for their job, or working with someone who was, but was promoted to meet quotas. That is simply criminal!

In such a situation as this, there never should have been any question raised about whether or not these men deserved the promotions they tested for. When peoples lives depend upon the competence of those in charge, it's ridiculous to even consider the classifications that an individual falls into, and whether or not there would be a lawsuit. Would you choose to have surgery performed by a doctor who got his license for the very same reasons?

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What took them so long? Once I learned what this bill was about, I thought the same thing. How many months have passed before someone in Congress has openly come out and stated what is obvious?

"Crap & Slay" is only going to lay more crap on us, and slay businesses with increasing, unnecessary regulation. Ultimately, we are going to be paying more American dollars for more goods made overseas. This is NOT a bill that is going to encourage or maintain jobs in America. At a time when a reduction of stresses on business is a requirement, our government is doing the opposite with an almost clear direction with these very results. Most inflammatory about it all is that the very claims they cite for needing such a bill is purely based on flawed theories and unproven science. When did we become so stupid as a people to allow such irresponsibility to be acceptable decision making policy?
Sadly, if this bill passes, we can all kiss the America we grew up in good-bye, never to return. To bad your children will never be able to enjoy the same type of childhood you enjoyed.