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I want to wrestle in the mud on LSD with hippie Rarity!

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Every night I do rails of fluffy ponies. Keeps me going 'til dawn...

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Diabetic coma. It's fine though. I called myself an ambulance and they gave me an IV insulin drip. I came to a few hours ago. As long as my blood sugar continues normalizing, doctors say they'll release me tomorrow.

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I shouldn't have clicked on the Sweatershy plush. Now I need to be driven to the hospital and it's 2 in the morning...

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Twilight: A lot of brainy, book loving girls I've known listen to super obscure, left field, indie shoegaze type stuff, so that's my pick for Twilight.
Applejack: Would not just like country but would be snooty about it. Like only the classic Hank Williams and Johnny Cash tunes would satisfy her. she would scoff at new stuff like Zac Brown Band.
Pinkie Pie: Pinkie would be an "Anything goes" kind of girl but would be an expert at music perfect for all types of parties.
Rainbow Dash: Rock and not too intense Metal, obviously. Secretly would like some specific Pop artist.
Rarity: Opera and Classical, no wild cards here
Fluttershy: Ambient/downtempo music. Perhaps even a penchant for some smooth Jazz she uses to calm some of her animal friends.
Spike: Rock/Alternative. Pretends to love anything Rarity loves.

Octavia: Classical, obviously, but again a guilty pleasure for Pop albums she hides under her mattress.
Scratch: As a DJ, she has a taste for nearly all electronic music with a heavy beat. Likes Hard/Electro House and Drum and Bass.
Derpy: Silly, catchy children's songs like Cooking by the Book from Lazy Town.

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Who DOESN'T want a grammatical error tattooed on their fingers?!

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There's no need to panic, people. I think my season 1 poster is bigger...

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Who took a bite out of Sweetie Belle's leg?

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The Konami roundup is upon us!

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Did Granny Smith just blackmail Spike? Intense.