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14 years ago @ Shibuya246 - Kimura Kaela · 1 reply · +2 points

Just retweeted this via staxbros.com. Fortunately, we have a Kinokuniya near my home in Seattle.

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Man, I love Mitsuya Cider. The regular flavor is great, but I also love the apple and peach flavors. The grape is also very nice.

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I just posted up some Shibuya photos from a trip I took there in '07. www.staxbros.com

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Matte mashita! I remember back in 2003, I had a terrible headache because Spring was starting. "No problem," I said to my recently-arrived-in-Japan self, "I'll just stroll over to Lawson's and get some aspirin." Boy, was I shocked to discover I had to go to a pharmacy to get it.

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I bought a similar Yamaha critter for my trumpet, with headphones, so I could practice and not wake up the other people in my very old Kyoto apartment.

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Lawson is caps lock awesome; they also have the BEST onigiri.

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I'd have to say curry from CoCo Ichi. Or gyoza from Ohsho. Or MOS Burger... Dang. Now I'm all homesick for Kyoto.