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Ah, Hasbro: taking something awesome and making it very slightly less awesome. Gotta have that fun tax.

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(gathers popcorn)

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Allegrezza is one step closer to being canon.

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The battle between Celestia and Nightmare Moon is so much more intense here than in the show itself.

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Just for Sidekicks was a good episode.

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It was an alright episode, but after last week's excellence, it feels like a bit of a letdown. Still, cute Gilda is cute.

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Hmm. Well, if the animators actually gave her red eyes, but color correction changed it, I guess you could make the argument that they are kind of red in canon. Good enough for me!

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Normally, I don't like it when fans complain about canon contradicting fanon, but this one bothers me for whatever reason. To me, red on white just looks better than magenta on white.

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When canon disproves fanon, I very rarely get upset. I try to be better than that. Yet, when Vinyl Scratch's eyes were revealed to be magenta instead of solid red, it irked me, mostly because I just think they look better red. It's as nerdy as you can get, but there it is.

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I didn't like Tree Hugger as much as the hippie ponies from the comic, but I did enjoy the horsey noise she made while calming the Smooze.