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The pedicure bundles nicely with the abortion because the feet are already up in stirrups.

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Because religious people tend to look on people not of their faith as less than human. They also like to kill in the name of God.

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Transom masturbation?

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But but but, you will inevitably say in the comments because that’s what you always do on Olbermann posts, Keith Olbermann was the only thing that kept me sane during the Bush administration, with his unwatchable 10-minute fake rants where he pretended to be Ed Murrow! Never understood it; can’t offer you much help in that regard.

If you never understood it . Let me explain it, as it applies to me. Olbermann provided me with a attitudnaal and factual counterpoint to what was being spewed during the Bush years. From my perspective Olbermann was on the same wavelength as such luminaries as Klein, Layne, Newell, and Weigelman.

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Thanks, life is too short. I'll have to take your word on it.

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At what point in thic clip dies he say ni... ?

I didn't catch it, and can't stomach listening to this jackass again.

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"At the end of the day, the public reaction seemed to be: “Hey buddy, we don’t need you to personalize what is already too dramatic, it’s not about you.”

Yeah, if he was Bush he would have taken advantage of the tragedy to lie us into a war.

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I would like to propose a national holiday on the day this shit stain to our country finally dies.

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Thanks for the cool new word.

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The best description I ever heard of Gingrich is that he sounds like how dumb people think that smart people sound. You can just hear it in the way he angles it in his arguments, I'm smarter than everyone else and I'm gonna blow them away with this argument.