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I shall be interested to see how this quarantine approach works in practice. As a non U.K. resident, I returned to the U.K. in early December having completed the contact form as required by the Government. Plenty of signs towards immigration demanding the form and that it would be reviewed. Did anyone ask for it? Err, no.

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I make it a golden rule never to read what that little princess Owen Jones writes about anything.

And wtf is an ‘inequality czar? Frankly, where are the Bolsheviks when you need them?

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Sit back, relax, have a bowl of popcorn and enjoy!

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Unlikely that Labour wins with Sir Kneel Starner as leader. An utter flop.

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Amanda who?

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How about billing those who refuse to have a vaccine and who then subsequently choose to rely on the NHS if they catch COVID-19?

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Well said. It’s a blindingly obvious move.

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I have a lot of time for Oborne, but he is being a shade naive here. For quite a long time now (as he points out), politicians have been so what elastic with the truth. Let’s face it, most voters regard politicians as lying and venal, to a greater or lesser extent. It’s factored into the candidate’s relative share price and the voter looks more broadly when casting their ballot. It may not be right, but it is a more realistic view of today’s politics.

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Iain is certainly onto something with Starmer. The public had clearly decided that when they looked at Corbyn in depth, he was repellent. Starmer, I thought, when he took over did look over and something of a threat. Instead, he has proved to be a flop: charisma free, sitting in the fence, cynical about the pandemic rather than constructive. I am actually not sure now that he is much of a threat at all.

I have to disagree over Anneliese Dodds. She may be a decent person, but she makes John McDonnell look coherent and Michael Foot look like an advert for Savile Row.

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Starmer will never be PM.