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12 years ago @ Inquirer News - Obama welcomes Dalai L... · 0 replies · -1 points

Meeting a spiritual person will not affect the feelings of the Chinese people whose millennium old culture were influenced by spirituality.

12 years ago @ Inquirer News - Marine colonel calls f... · 0 replies · +37 points

A Colonel, nagugutom? naapektuhan ng taas ng bilihin? This is politics indeed. Start with your organization first Colonel. How many years ka na po sa service at nakikita mo mga nasa ranks na na apektuhan ng mga luho ng Heneral mo? Suddenly you are talking about the rest of the Filipino people?

Leave the rhetoric to the politicians and be concerned about the true professionalism of the military and how to regain respect from the ordinary Filipinos who see most of you as puppets and instruments of corrupted people in government.

Wag kayo magpagamit, that's the biggest contribution that you can make.

12 years ago @ Inquirer Sports - Fulltime: Philippine A... · 0 replies · +14 points

Continue the program. It doesn't end with them. Go Azkals, Go Philippines!

12 years ago @ Inquirer News - Pawnshop driver tagged... · 0 replies · +3 points

Reminds me of the song Money Changes Everything.

12 years ago @ Inquirer News - ‘Not my best moment,... · 0 replies · 0 points

Sana po nabasa nyo yung sentence na "face the consequences of your actions" meaning haharapin at tatanggapin kung ano man yung administrative penalties or sanctions na ipapataw. Good day!

12 years ago @ Inquirer News - ‘Not my best moment,... · 9 replies · +17 points

The earlier to acknowledge the mistake and "only human" the better to get back the respect ika nga. Nothing wrong with admitting mistakes. It happens to all of us. What's important is to learn the lesson, face the consequences of your actions and eventually earn back the respect. Sige na Mayor, an apology is at least 50% guarantee to the healing process so you and the people of Davao can get back on track again.

12 years ago @ Inquirer News - Davao mayor Duterte pu... · 3 replies · +22 points

I would like Pnoy to do the same to his non performing cabinet members to wake them up.

12 years ago @ Inquirer GlobalNation - Taiwan unveils upgrade... · 0 replies · +1 points

Korek kabayan. Babalik ang Taiwan sa China kapag bumagsak na mga ilusyunadong komunista dun. Everybody happy. The sea will be named South China Sea again.

12 years ago @ Inquirer GlobalNation - Philippine Air Force t... · 0 replies · +6 points

Multi role fighter jets ba? I'm sure DND already have a type on their mind or at least similar to those already in existence from other nations' fighter jets. Medyo bitin ang details. 23 to 40 million dollars each to so sana di masayang tulad ng mga nakaraang purchases.

12 years ago @ Inquirer News - People elected a ‘bi... · 1 reply · +5 points

During the campaign period, the people weren't denied of the qualifications of ALL the presidential candidates and the issue about Noynoy as a non performer in his 12 years as a lawmaker was also raised. Even his state of mind was questioned. And yet 15 million voted for him.

I agree with you about responsible voting, I'll take the blame if my candidate fouls up in the end or I make myself proud if my candidate proved his worth and delivered on his campaign promise. The key here is yung paniniwala ko sa kandidato ko at sa kakayahan nya mamuno but if majority of people chose another candidate I have to respect that kasi yun ang paniniwala nila at responsibilidad nila sa sarili nila yun kung pumalpak man o hindi ang binoto nila. And that is democracy.

And I didn't vote for Pnoy and since siya ang pinili ng nakakarami, suportahan ko na lang siya para magtagumpay even if I have to criticize him para sa atin din naman yun diba? Kaysa pagpilitan ko ang sa akin at hanapan siya ng mali every time just to prove I'm right.