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Mr Grimes dropped out of his course at Brighton in fashion and business studies

Why does he refer only to his Saturday job and not his higher education experience (failure) ?

His association with the leave campaign and £400,000 of funding led to a run-in with the electoral commission and paid employment at the IEA

Without that notoriety he would be a drop out student with no knowledge of finding employment with a “devalued degree “

In our company we are taking on something like two incomers at 18 apprenticeship level to one at graduate level .This is working well and we have some really good people coming through who started at 18.Mr Grimes is however correct to comment that a graduate in fashion and business studies from Brighton would be unlikely to make their way onto our Graduate scheme,which favours graduates with 2.1 or better from Russell Group universities.

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There are false statements on social media making this claim.Alison Pearson has now deleted her tweet giving credence to the clam.Black ops of some kind have been in action.See an identical message from three different senders in the linked twitter thread ( apologies for linking to some bad language ).

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Mark - No problem ,a lot of people ( I suspect including Johnson B ) do not realise that NICs are treated under a different statutory regime to general taxation,including income tax.

You are correct that people think of NICs differently . That might be because it is a hypothecated tax that in the last year paid £25.5 bn into the NHS and £95.5bn of state pension benefits

Reducing the amount paid into the fund through NICs does nothing more than place a higher burden on general taxation

Government policy has been to increase state pension age to alleviate pressure on the fund,but even so the Government Actuarial Department has estimated that the fund will cease to be self - sustaining in the early 2030s ,unless contributions are increased.

Reducing NICs simply brings forward this day of reckoning.

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"There is no question of NI funding pensions or indeed anything else as all government income simply goes into a common pot. "

As I have posted elsewhere on this thread ,that is incorrect and the NIF can by law only be used to pay the contributory benefits for which it is responsible

Home Responsibilities Protection was introduced in 1978 and provided NI credits up to a maximum of 20 years.

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That is entirely incorrect

NI is the only hypothicated tax we have

After a slice to the NHS ,all NICs are accounted with the National Insurance Fund ( NIF).~The NIF effectively operateds as a clearing house for contributions in and payments out

By law ,The NIF can only be used to pay the contributory benefits it covers,of which state pension is by far the largest part ( Government can borrow against the fund,on which it pays interest,All borrowed amounts are immediately repayable on demand )

If the balance of the fund falls below the level required to pay those benefits ,then Government is obliged to top up the fund from general taxation

The adequacy of the fund is currently being sustained by the increases in state pension age

If less goes in ,then the fund will require greater support from general taxation.

The latest audited NIF accounts can be found here:

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The manifesto has not yet been published

It should certainly set out the aims and benefits targeted in our FTA negotiations

We are currently pointing towards Canada with a host of minuses ( will depend on LPF ambitions )

Johnson saying we will get a great deal is an ambition,not a policy.

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In my neck of the woods,insurance services,passporting has huge value,which is why all the main players have re-domiciled out of the UK and we in the UK are no longer the hub of our EU wide operations

That of course means corporation tax that woluld have been paid in the UK will now be paid elsewhere

One of the costs of Brexit will be to forego the £28bn surplus in services that we have with the EU

But I appreciate it is probably not your job which is at risk

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Donations from foreign nationals or organisations are not permitted under electoral rules (which are set out in this link )

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Full Fact comes to a similar conclusion and maybe you should use that site in view of your jaundiced view of the BBC

Here is a link

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I’ve voted in every election since the first one I was eligible for 1974,so have some experience of how they work

My point was that Johnson is a habitual liar,which is a position most politicians seek to avoid

By all means clarify the point you were making,which is far from clear to me