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Indeed - it was an all volunteer army,suffered circa 80,000 casualties and received 30 Victoria crosses.

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Governments's defence of Cummings' flouting of their own instructions might be yesterday's front page news,but it is neither forgotten nor forgiven.

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Spot on.

Many on this website seem to believe this is an issue of left/right or leave /remain

It is not.

It is us -who followed the rules - and them ,who believe they can exercise their own judgment to circumvent the rules,and be supported by powerful people.

The palpable anger from the majority will not quickly go away

Cummings said that his explanation of events was the same as provided to Johnson.In which case the PM was aware yesterday that the lockdown rules had clearly been broken

By defending Cummings to the hilt Government is eroding its authority,to the detriment of the entire population.

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I addition to the above list,Robert Halfon has deleted his tweet of yesterday in support of Cummings and apologised for sending it in the first place.

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Politically,that would have been the most appropiate response

So why has the Government doubled down ?

The Press briefing was a car crash

I dont see this story going away now.

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By circling the wagons around Cummings,Government is digging itself a hole on this.

A huge majority of us understood and followed Government advice

Now we are being told we either misunderstood that advice or that it was permissible to ignore that advice if family was involved

It is concerning that Cummings is deemed so important to this administration that Government is willing to expend so much political capital and the trust of the public in his defense.

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Couldnt be clearer.

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Cummings wasnt ill ,his wife was. He was fit enough to drive to Durham

Government instructions were to isolate at home.He breached them.

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Ricardos - could not agree more.The Houses of Parliament should adhere to Government advice precisely as you set out.

As the Speaker pointed out ,this does not just affect MPs but everyone who is working on the estate.

JRM would be wise to heed his words.

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There are a lot of ifs and maybes in this article

We know thankfully that children are relatively immune in terms of symptoms,but we do not know with any certainty the extent to which thay can carry and transmit the virus

My daughter is a secondary school teacher in her early thirties.She has been teaching remotely,not sunning herself in the garden.

I can understand why some are so keen to have their children return to school.But I hope in turn there is a recogntion that teachers need to be safe in their place of work

So thanks for volunteering her to be in the front line to help kids lke yours,but I am clear that she should not return to physical teaching without being assured that all necessary precautions are in place.The risk to her should be as close to zero as possible

Her school will in any case need to carry out a full risk assessment with accompanying mitigations and these will most likely be along the lines you have been required to accept