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Good thing I got her out of the baloon pop game 2 days after she was put into it.

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Actually, concerning the reason for her cult, I can see it.

Sometimes, it's the smallest things from our childhoods that can have the biggest impacts, because a young mind is quick to jump to the wrong conclusion, and the trauma stays long after they mature.

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We need a speculation discussion post concerning Starlight Glimmer joining the cast in S6 and making it the Mane7.

I wonder if Kelly Sheridan is quietly going "oh #$%@, what did i just get into?" She just got put into some rarified air with Tara, Ashleigh, Andrea, and Tabitha.

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Starlight...she's ok...wtb Sunset Shimmer joining MLP.

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And here we thought G.M. Berrow might have issues having to follow up last week's ep.


Was the perfect ep to air after last week's as well, going to something light-hearted yet meaningful, since now royal baby is canon.

And might I add that Berrow UNDERSTANDS Pinkie Pie, something that many of the other writers do not. She wrote her entirely in character the entire ep, and did an awesome job of straining "Pinkie's world" against the outside reality.

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That pic is now the wallpaper on my tablet.

So. Beautiful.

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That I scued once today already and don't want to scue again.

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Only a few points to ponder, since others can do the reviewing better than me:

--the way AKR wrote this big change was masterful, by making rhe CMC have a reason to keep being the CMC. If anything, this only expands possible story ideas for S6 and hopefully beyond.

--The CMC's cutie marks are not normal, and I mean that the CMC may be just as special and significant as the Mane 6. From the super-magical way they got them to thenforeshadowing of putting their cutie marks on the middle of the Mane 6's, I get the feeling that the CMC might be moving up into the "big league" with the Mane 6.

--Button Mash...more please.

--If the CMC wouldn't have stolen the ep in the last 5 minutes, it would have still been absolutely awesome, thanks to Diamond Tiara. It may have been rushed a bit (22 minutes can be a harsh mistress), but AKR managed to take the most hated, horrible, vile, vicious little bitch in animation and make me feel sorry for her. That..that is...wow. Kudos to you, Misses Rogers. You may claim your prize at the door.

--Speaking of DT, isn't it interesting how SHE is the reason the CMC got their marks?

--oh yes, the marks. I find it looks a little odd on Sweetie Belle, but it fits Scootaloo to a tee.

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Everything right.

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Good ep, but it has the best out-of-nowhere one liner of the entire series in it:

'So, um...do we walk back up the slide, or...or what?"

Andrea Libman BEYOND nailed delivering that line. And it was even better coming from Fluttershy.