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Hey there, sorry about the late reply.
No I haven't done any serious research on the subject. I have written this article about fortune teller Carmen: http://www.freethinkinglebanon.com/2012/11/shamef...
But I don't think this is what you're looking for.
However, I read a book a few months back that might be helpful to you. It explains some fortune telling techniques as well as other superstitions. The book is called "Paranormality" by Richard Wiseman.
I picked up my copy from Virgin MegaStore in City Mall. Check it out. If it doesn't prove very helpful it will entertain you anyway.

Good luck in your research.. You've chosen a very interesting subject!

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I'm glad you like it!

I'll be posting new infographics soon.

Stay tuned :)

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I could never have thought of a better comparison than a Catch-22 reference.

However, I disagree with you when you claim that Lebanon is a 3rd world country. For a list of such places, check here:

Do you really believe Lebanon can be classed in the same category as the above. I can add to this list Chad. My buddy works and lives over there. This country, which isn't even on that list above, is centuries behind in terms of development.

The 3rd world country attribute that could be ascribed to our reality would be extremely high levels of corruption (both political and on the individual level). In terms of poverty, underdevelopment of infrastructure, these countries are way behind on the development ladder. Lebanon's urbanism and urban-landscaping is a major feather in our hats.

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If we want to look at it in such a way then we'd have to bet on the possibility that Hitchens tackled the reciprocal of Pascal's Wager, in order to guarantee himself a place in Hell...

Kudos to him if that was what he bet on! :p

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I can relate to the above since I am a Lebanese, living in Lebanon, a country with a 1:1 ratio of muslims and christians. The fact that we have a sectarian regime (17 religious sect both muslim ans christian, who split the seats between themeselves) there haven't been a atmosphere of security in the region for decades.

What is most unsettling is the fact that the people behave - "pretend" is a more appropriate word - as if they tolerate each other, while both groups claim religious supremacy. How long till the bubble bursts? I wish I knew!

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Stand up comedian was the first thing that popped into my head while watching the second video. He's a multi-talented guy: He can be a complete moron and funny at the same time! ;)

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I'm sure deep inside we all possess this clear perspective; the truth is very transparent. We either accept the facts and be true to ourselves or forever remain delusional hypocrites!

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I've been looking to see whether there are any stats on the number of Lebanese atheists; I couldn't find any.
But from my personal experience and acquaintances I can tell you that the number is ever increasing.

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Let me know what his comments will be.. My girlfriend enjoyed the movie very much but she would give me grin at me after every single anti-christian message. Even though she's a theist, when we left the theater she told me that she wasn't offended because the message was directed mostly to christian fundamentalism (bible belt).

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Yup that's the patriotism/nostalgia I was referring to in the post. I'm glad to see some people still got it.

I'm not saying that this a disaster; actually there are googles of other much more critical issues we—Lebanese—should worry about. However, you can't deny that this is a first!
Definitely ironic!