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Honored to have you comment yourself, on our story about you. Thank you, and Hope you had a blast during your free-fall.

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For something like this we'll squeeze it in!

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You heard it, send in your nylons with hair inside, and we will get
them to the right people. 1965 s4th ave Yuma.

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Mike, We have corrected our schedule over the air as of March 31st in every capacity that we are capable of. We are currently streaming our corrected schedule to 5 different "guide" providers: TV Guide, Tribune, Proximity TV, Titan TV, and Media Star. The providers have all been notified of their need to fix the issue on multiple occasions.

Depending on which service you watch TV in your home determines the provider in which you are viewing your schedule. Tribune is now correct, and provided the guide for Dish network. TV Guide we are expecting to comply with the new schedule within 24-48 hours. They provide the schedule for Time Warner. If you are receiving your signal from any other source, and it is not correct or if you find that the above is not correct. Please, notify us so that we can contact them and get the situation worked out.

If you are watching on Time Warner Cable, please find the corrected schedule on our website

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Also, the CW will be on 9.3 after March 29th. Telemundo will be on 9.4

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We appreciate your concern for our on air picture quality. As you said for yourself FOX 9 was the first in HD in the area, and we continually strive to deliver a quality picture with high integrity to hundreds of thousands of homes in the area.

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I like this idea as well, but have a big problem with it. I handle a lot of sites, and use my email address for most purposes such as setting up this account to use on my stations website, but I don't want my picture to show up on all post's that are supposed to be provided from the station. Is there any way to make a choice to pick the avatar I loaded instead of the Gravatar? or a way in Gravatar to make different photos show up on different sites, or services?

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How do you know he has a contractors Lic.?

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We hope that the information is helpful to you. Although it was provided by Yuma Fire Dept. It will benefit all people along the san andreas fault line. and in other earthquake prone areas. Be saafe.

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Did anyone have any damage?