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Which is why the episode actually sounds good. An episode about Celestia, Luna and Cadence? Awesome! Inclusion of Twilight? Now no one cares...

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Wow...these lyrics...I think Spike did a better job ad-libbing the national anthem for Cloudsdale.

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Soccer as big as Football in the states? Never.

It has tried for years and years so hard to become even remotely popular in the US, and yet it never will. Even though it cracks me up that the one country in the world that doesn't care about Soccer seems to do very well in it internationally, we have American Football for a reason.

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Jontron is too swood to be in the background.

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Atrocity of what? NOT ordering pizza from a garbage pizzeria? You're doing Celestia's work my friend.

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I never understood why people are so hyped over Frozen. I saw it, and as a Disney movie, it was sub-par. Are everyone's expectations of a good movie so low that Frozen astounded them or something?

Regardless, animation was pretty good and music was pretty good.

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Wait, wasn't 'Song 2' an unfinished song? It makes sense since it's so short and also titled 'Song 2'.

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"Does every episode have to have some emotional or traumatic event happening to someone to be interesting? Not once has an episode featured an average day where nothing went wrong."

My thoughts exactly. Every episode so far feels the same, there's hardly been any episodes where we just explore things and flesh ponies and places out. This episode would have been perfect if it had just been all about the Equestria Games, and yet, of course, it's 3 1/2 seconds of the games and the rest tearing down Spike to give him a single shining moment of him saving the day, then brushing it off because he's still bummed about the torch.

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This sounds reminiscent of a Short Skirts fic... of course, he could have been taking from another fic as well or something...

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Thank you, I was gonna say "You mention 'mine cart levels' and fail to include Donkey Kong Country!?"