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The only GOP candidate I feel comfortable voting for is Newt Gingrich.

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Why is this information not posted on the front pages of Breitbart? How would anyone know this unless they dig deep into the comments section.

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I hope there is irrefutable evidence that Obama is a radical marxist thug in those tapes.
Would love to see the GOP Prez candidate use them to vett Obama.
That being said, I dont think Romney would use that kind of fire-power against Obama because Romney=McCain.

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But, does she want Obama in her womb?
I would bet she does.

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No doubt that Andrew is now an Angel for the forces of good on the other side.
God Bless his wife, children and family. We will keep up the good fight for all that is noble, good, and true, just like Andrew.
God needed Breitbart somewhere else. Praise God.

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Newt is the anti-Obama.
When it comes to using our own energy resources or implementing foreign policy that protects and preserves America, I trust Newt to get the job done.
He has stated he will undo 40% of the damage Obama has done on his first day of office when he signs executive orders to do so.

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Gingrich making a comeback?
Dear God, Please let it be true.
Newt has the knowledge and ideas needed to save this country.
Anyone who doubts that did not listen to him speak on the issues during the debates.
Newt will go after Obama in a NO-HOLDS BARRED way that Romney is too timid to do.

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If the auto bail out had not happened, the auto companies would of had the luxury of a bankruptcy. THEN they could kick out the Unions and become profitable like Japanese car companies in America that do not have union shops.

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Sorry little missy, calling us racists just because we dont want Obama for another term because he has sucked during the first one does not make us racist.
YOU are a racist. Face it.

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Romney does not have a pair and is not likely to grow one. If he is nominated we will see a politically correct, racially intimidated white man run for prez just like Mc Cain did.
You can count on it. Obama will get a second term.
God help us.