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I'm male, and married, and not interested in stalking anyone or dating etc. I think BK is great for using a review site - e.g john's bar in main street, a few pics, and comments, and you'll know if you're in my town that you can head to John's bar yourself if you like the look of it.

Of course it can be good for meeting people too. I'm have no problem with hooking up with people for a beer or coffee etc. The only addresses that I keep vague are my home address and my friends homes unless they say otherwise.

I didn't see the article in the L.A Times. It's not a publication that I usually read, being on the east coast.

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Yes, I have to agree that when I think of pie, I think of savory. Steak, chicken, pork, even vegetable. This pie looks really delicious, and I think I'll have to have a go at this one.

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I certainly wasn't thinking that Bing getting some sort of exclusivity was a 'good thing'.

I was merely making a personal observation that I don't trust or read their news content now, let alone if I had to pay for it.

As for the Experts-Exchange scenario, I agree. When I'm looking to find a 'how-to' it's annoying if you click on one of those links, only to go in a level or so, to be told you need to pay. Not so much I consider it spam, but time wasting.

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My first thought, as I don't normally have in interest in reading News Corp's tabloid trash, and biased news output, often lacking real substance, and full of sensationalist sound bites to stir up the dedicated non-thinkers among us, is good riddance to bad crap.

However, the scenario of having say Microsoft willing to pay to have search rights in News Corp's sites is a frightening prospect, as it could well change the Internet as we know it.

Let's hope Murdoch's actions don't screw up the Internet as he has done with traditional media.

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Doesn't surprise me at all. Not that I watch Fox, I prefer real news, but Fox wouldn't want to be seen to be showing news about something positive with their enemies running the country would they?

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This could be fun, and was worth a digg too

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I'm a very late coming to Tumblr, and for me it's just another avenue. I've been to, and largely moved on from Blogger. As I have my own hosting, (I'm a reseller), it makes sense to use self-hosted blogs. Wordpress, with it's easy to use interface, and wealth of easy to add widgets, is my application of choice.