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I have made the time. Mobiles are a great thing. You cant remember me likely because you spend all your time on this site seemingly, like you seemed to do then , that's maybe why you cant remember me! I remember you for these reasons mentioned though so am well aware you are not from East Belfast and that you are staunchly republican although you deny it but your comments show it if you read enough if them or have been part of them like me! Just read my account and read your comments in the stories of you cant remember.

Your giving me political lessons hope your not so 'knowledgeable' relying on poor sensationalist media websites for vast political facts.

This is the end of the debate with you, perhaps forever but if I remember you and am reading this website we will chat about how I was right about the election.

BTW this 10, 20, 30 year, made their bed stuff is nonsense. No one, you or me nor the smartest man in the world knows what will happen in that length of time. The IRA thought the troubles would put the brits out buy ruining the economy etc in a short space of time but here we are 45 years later and Tom Gun Marty is a British subject ,paying British taxes - even drinking tea and eating crumpets with the Queen! You know that person the DUP and those daft bandsmen etc always bang on about lol!

Im not even going to entertain the demographics argument (in case your intending to) because we all know it doesn't really exist anymore unless you try to be a statistical spin doctor making figures look your way. But one note id add on this is: The rate of Republican's having children generation to generation becoming less and less and less. It would have me worried if I were Republican because anyone from Belfast and im sure from many other places knows plenty of catholic friends whom are from large families of which none have or intend on having children. Maybe burn out? Want a life instead? Who knows for sure.

Anyway good tonight for sure this time. Post one of your great comebacks if you like. I wont be replying.

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I sorry but I disagree. Moderate unionists vote for them for the said principles in your first paragraph. Though equally important to them is they are 'supposedly' a UNIONIST party. That was until Anna Lo said they are NOT actually a unionist party . This will kill off more alliance voters than anything has or ever will do.

I expect a strong DUP and a lesser PUP then a small Alliance vote from tactical voters like those from Ravenhill and the likes where republicans can only aid a non hardline unionist party (well they can now ALLIANCE!?). Anyway time time will tell, being from within the area and you not, gives me confidence im right, though well know soon enough wont we.

I haven't been on here in a long time but when i seen your name in the response I was not surprised even though I had nearly forgot about this site. You rarely miss the opportunity to disagree with me do you lol. As much as I would like a good old debate I haven't the time atm but im sure it wont be long till the next time.

Chow mate ; )

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I suppose one of Alliances most prominent figures declaring the party isn't pro-union has helped ease tensions in East Belfast? Everywhere alliance had received votes in the past is in unionist areas. This is about more than 'flegs'. Alliance have betrayed and discusted their mandate in recent times. They are out the door although some do like to fantasice and speculate they will come out stronger but they are fooling themselves or pushing propaganda. The only parties in unionist areas in Greater Belfast at least are the DUP and a lesser but growing by the day party, the PUP.

I expect thumbs down here and nieve responses. I like facts not fantasies, I'm from the area so know the facts.

BTW I can't stress enough that this attack or any attack is right. Animals that done it should be locked up. All I'm saying from what I've read it is that the anger at the Alliance is not as simple as some like to portray. My guess is that the DUP will eat Alliance and the PUP will bit by bit eat away at the DUP, over the next few elections. Now there's some food for thought.

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The videos seem not to be working atm. I was hoping to have a laugh at Gerry hitchhiking a lift with a PSNI jeep! lol. Maybe he should have just hitchhiked a lift with a member of the public all the way to his home MILES away from the parade?

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Do you think there is any rational need for a flag to be airbrushed? Do you think they would do this in America or Russia or any other nation that hosts the G8? Genuine questions.

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I read the whole story. Its just that I am not as gullable as you....

There is simply no genuine reason to go to the hassle of airbrush the flags. They are part of the history of the building and more importantly it is a MATTER OF FACT that they are there. I cannot think of any other nation that has or will host a G8 summit stooping to such immature bigotted politics such as this. I mean who in the right mind, who would go out their way to dream this type of needless airbrushing up? The reality is they are british symbols, Sinn Fein (not including most of their voters btw) cannot stand anything British and had them removed 'virtually' as they cannot (yet) physically remove them.

The history of the flags show something to the world that Sinn Fein do not like them to see - that Protestants/British people that have lived on this island for hundreds of years have been at times defending themselves rather than only ever being the attackers that Sinn Fein like to pedal. They want everyone to think that only they have ever been the victims....

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Proving Sinn Fein 'try' to re-write history can become a complex argument. Them airbrushing history on the other hand is quite easy to prove http://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/regional/flag-ai....

So if they airbrush history, surely they attempt to rewrite history? (rhetorical queston the answer of course is YES)

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Its interesting but it would take time and ive gotta go tonight. I'll maybe have a blast tomorrow evening.

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The problem with reading is what you read and where you read it. Neither side were ever angels but learning much about the covenant, the UVF etc ive found these forums are full of rubbish about how history went down around that time.

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Im not going to try and answer these questions but I would be very interested to know what the Catholic UDA members in Larne including one or two commanders think....