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It's not even been two weeks, and this is what we're posting already?

Oh boy.

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Oh man, that comic is so old, and still one of my favorites :)

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Pfffff, that was beautiful.

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1 day and about six hours.

I can't wait any longer ;-;

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Man, it's really weird to see that art as a header. I talked to that artist a lot back in 2012, haven't heard from him in a looong time. Very odd feeling.

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My dog Flint had to be put down today... He was only 7, the vet think something poisoned him. We searched the backyard and all around the house but couldn't find anything he could've gotten into. He was fine this morning but at around noon, my brother saw him lying in an odd position on his chair, and he would barely ever move. We took him to the vet, but there was nothing that could be done, he was too far gone already... :( I'm glad I got a chance to say goodbye, at least.

Here's some pictures of him, some are pretty old, some are pretty recent. http://imgur.com/gallery/Gs6pN

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It can and it has, but six inches doesn't happen too often.

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Right now there's six inches of snowfall and counting. That'll be fun to shovel in a couple hours.

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Dang, I guess Seth doesn't even look at his own website.
(we still wuv u tho)

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Ugh, I really did and still do think the Car Decals video deserves it's own feature. So much production value put into just a 10 minute two part series. That huge amount of custom animation that was tracked that well and had to be planned out so well with all that motion and voice acting deserves its own spot I think. All done by one person (Except for the voice acting of course). I can't even begin to imagine how it must be to just sit there and talk with so calculated moments of silence. It's insane how much work had to go into every bit of it.

Aye, it's just frustrating to see someone like No1c00l just get roundups every time he makes a video. He deserves more.