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I believe the episode you are referring to is Season 2, Episode 20: It's About Time.

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She's just trolling. "The End" is something that you put at the end of a story. While it does mean the end of THAT story it does not mean the end of all stories.

Edit: She's just saying that she likes the feeling of finishing her work but hates the feeling of knowing it will then be picked at and pulled apart before it reaches final draft status

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My guess is that this is episode will be like what the original idea of Luna Eclipsed was going to be. Maud Pie is going to be similar to Aubrey Plaza‎'s character on Parks and Rec. and Pinkie Pie is going to try to help her make friends in Ponyville despite her abrasive personality.

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Huh. Anyone else notice there is a Starswirl the Bearded tag? The tags have the cutie-mark on one side and the character on the other. I wonder if we will get to see what Starswirl looked like or if it will just be Twilight in her Nightmare Night costume.

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Some good name ideas there but also good reasons not to use those names too
Other name ideas:
My Little Monopoly
My Little Pony: Monopoly is Magic
My Little Pony: Friendship is Monopoly

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Didn't Lauren hint that this is her head canon, in a tweet or an interview at one point?

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was I the only one to click on the pictures to read what they said?... I don't know what I was expecting...

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Yeah I noticed that. That being said... I don't remember what episode the "Hungry Hungry Caterpillars" picture is from... do you?

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The Godhead? A phrase frequently used by Mormons. "A rose by any other name. . ." sir.

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Could you show me the scripture that says that he separated from god? or that he became god again; "joined in entity" as you say?

I'd like to take my own advice.