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Public sector workers need to realise that they do not generate wealth, and thus do not really "earn" their income; their income is taken from others who do generate wealth, and given to them.

Perhaps they should show a little bit more gratitude and humility, rather than effectively asking for (yet more) wealth to be stolen from productive taxpayers?

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We did not leave the EU to be dictated to by another international unelected court; that's hardly the Brexit that we voted for.

The WTO can go swivel if they don't like us doing what's best for native English people.

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I don't consider it bending. Try changing that statement a bit and see how outrageous it sounds - "being banned from marching through Muslim areas". In fact, even the concept of "Muslim areas" is quite uncomfortable to the English!

When you look at it like that, you realise that Catholics have failed to integrate into our country, but unlike Muslims (who just happen to live together), they are trying to pass laws to keep it that way. Imagine a commission that banned Christians from "Muslim areas" in mainland Britain. We'd never hear the end of it!

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I suggest you do some searching for something called the 'Parades Commission'. Basically, to keep terrorists and separatists from being offended, christian parades are banned in some areas. It is also illegal to fly the union jack in some places, based on the same 'justification'.

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It is a shame that the DUP didn't extract some more significant reforms to the horrendous situation in NI. Many of you might not be familiar with NI politics, but some areas are no-go areas for Christians, by law!

To be clear, it is illegal for Christians to publically celebrate their faith in some parts of NI. Quite bizarre!

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And why should we involve other parties? We've already had a vote on this last year; parliamentary debate has its place, but not when the people have already made things clear.

We're leaving the EU, and that's that. The people were very clear on that, and will not brook any kind of compromise; *all* laws affecting the UK will be decided in England; *all* immigration decisions will be made by our government. Anything else is a rejection of the referendum.

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Quite. The driver was as much a victim as anybody, a true conservative who got pushed just a bit too far by Theresa May's immigration policies as home secretary.. Will our EU-run courts show mercy? Probably not.

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It may not be an invasion involving tanks, but the EU most certainly did infiltrate the protests that started the coup, and inserted Nazis into the government. In Crimea, President Putin was merely defending his people from ethnic cleansing - perhaps you English have forgotten what happens when the Nazi party comes to power?

He has no interest in Eastern Ukraine and this is nothing more than fake news; the rebels in this part are anti-coup federalists from the Ukraine population who do not like there country being taken over by the West.

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This would be very hilarious, if it wasn't the part of the West's bizarre and sinister demonisation of President Putin and his country. Russia is continuously provoked by the West and has not retaliated, only defended herself for the greate good of her people. How long do you expect peace to last if the West keeps doing things like the EU invasion of Ukraine?

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Davis, the man who resigned (and fought a pointless byelection) because he thought putting terrorists in jail was against their human rights? Why not suggest Corbyn as the next party leader?