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"I wonder what people think of the titles on these if they see it abbreviated on Twitter. "

That somebody needs a spell checker to tell them how to write "minute"?

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This is why I keep reading comments on EQD. The humor is great, no matter the topic.

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The rumor that Discord is secretly Starswirl the Bearded turned out to be false.

That at least proves that not *every* stupid rumor from /mlp/ is true. :)

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I support this motion.

Just add a way to "hide" anything "Equestria Girls" from the site for those who really can't stand it, like the "No Fanfic Mode", if that is technically feasable to do.

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As a spin-off series, I'll give it a chance, like any other cartoon.

I'm glad that they don't try to shoehorn humans into the existing MLP:FiM world, and instead try to build a new series (with a little kick-start from MLP:FiM).

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Actually I think it is pretty cool. I didn't expect it to be able to move the head and even blink(!)

I may get one of these, just because I like how technically complex it is compared to the previous "Princess ???" toys.

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Ah, ok. That makes sense. Well, there is still the hope that the sales will improve once they get the movie "out there" as they plan, and they'll then be able to get back to that treasure chest of unreleased film material then.

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You'll get the bonus BluRay-Disc (with the huge, over two hours long Lauren Faust Interview etc.) as promised. Don't worry.

They just won't produce any additional bonus content beyond what was promised on KickStarter. That additional content would've been released seperately anyway, and people (even those who KickStarted the project) would have had to buy it as such.

The statement is a bit misleading in that regard.

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Maybe Discord is the only character that can do the permanent princess wing spell that's needed for the coronation?

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Most people who liked it just use the "thumbs up" feature to upvote opinions that match their own. While most who didn't like it explain why in seperate posts. Therefore a large amount of negative or concerned/critical posts doesn't mean that there is a large amount of people who didn't like it.

I'm certain that the majority of viewers liked the documentary. As did I. :)