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Curious about that as well, though there is also a good chance the woman herself is being beat, if the kid is being beat. Still does not make it right right, but when you yourself are a victim, sometimes it's hard to know what to do and how.

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This should apply for women AND men: if they are physically, mentally AND emotionally sound, trained and prepared for war, LET THEM FIGHT. If not, don't. It should come down to their skills and what they can achieve: not whats between their leg's.

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...Every nation on this planet has had a member of their population do odd and horrible things like this.

Humans. Superstitious, uneducated humans do this odd, horrible stuff. This time it simply happened in mexico.

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Hmm. Well, I guess the Republicans are not for taking care of our budget like they keep saying they are. They complain about Obama spending then they themselves go spend. People, (we the people) need ot WAKE UP! Republicans...Democrats... NEITHER SIDE IS FOR HELPING AND REPRESENTING US!!!

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The military considers 'attack' and 'defense' to be the same

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People are dumb so it must be OK.....

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From how the article read, it seems like they were talking nationally...Pot is not legal nationally.. In fact, there are far more states that deal with pot harshly, then those that say you can use it medically. Then, of course, federally its still illegal...so...how is it more accessible then...oh 20 years ago??

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But their not and no one is going to... People are going to vote for a DEM or a REP. One of these sides if going to give us a president for the next 4 years.

Unless people vote for a Third Party member, we are NOT holding the DEMS and the REPS accountable: its just business as usual and BOTH Parties are betting on this.

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"Diane Cowling, who later moved to Lake Stevens, said she had multiple medical problems all at once - including diabetes and breast cancer - at the same time her union went on strike.

She said that left her with no money to feed and care for her pets, and she claimed she could not find an animal shelter that would accept them."

Very sad: for hte animals AND for her.

It sounds like life became horrible so suddenly for her. I am sorry for those animals and her. It sounds like her life was a not a good one either.

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"We dont need more laws, we need harsher punishments to deter people from the problem in the first place."

That never works, sorry. I mean, our judicial system has a death penalty and people still get murdered every day.