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Or wrestle naked in a big bowl of instant pudding.

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Red rocks and green trees are so pretty when they are covered with drilling equipment and black oil.

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If we send you a float depicting Bush and Cheney urinating on dead Iraqi women and children, would you enter it in next year's parade for us?

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Or a group of Nebraska farmers running from a Tornado and begging a Kenyan God for mercy and government disaster aid.

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and the Village Idiot of Crawford, Texas.

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Barry is in the last two years of his presidency. He has dealt with more ignorant bullshit racist backlash than any politician in history. He should get to do or say anything he wants to irritate those assholes -- drink Colt 45 from a brown paper bag, grow pot in the White House garden, put a stripper pole in the Oval Office, drive around DC in a pimped out Cadillac ghetto sled with the bass pounding -- whatever makes their backward, tea party, cracker heads explode.

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If Joy Pinto and her lunatic followers are going to be in heaven, Eve prefers to spend eternity in hell. Now, if you excuse me, the snake has summoned me to the orchard for more apples.


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The face of the modern GOP is a convicted felon with a public masturbation fetish. That should motivate the grey haired old ladies to get to the polls.

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Makes sense.
Why do you rob banks? 'Cuz that's where the money is.
Why do you rob people at gun ranges? 'Cuz that's where the guns are.

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EPA = Employees Pooping Anywhere