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THAT is the joke I did not have time to think of. That was it.

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I really, really hate to be agreeing with the "cdawg" person, who is insanely wrong about everything else, but David, the link you provided specifically states that the gun you have pictured was in the trunk. Guess where the kids were not killed: the trunk. Now, as to what's his fuck's contention that the gun laws in CT are stringent, no. They're middle of the road as far as the US is concerned and anybody who thinks that gun control wouldn't have possibly prevented this is an idiot. Over 12,000 people are killed in the US by guns every year. In the UK it's a 2 digit number.

Ban the damn things. Americans can find their dick-substitutes elsewhere.

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I'm not sympathetic to the gun rights advocates posting here, at ALL, but I'm uncomfortable with this post. I reposted it on Facebook and then deleted it, because I saw some of the comments. If this is not what was used, and I mean EXACTLY what was used, it's not a responsible post. I know to expect sensational and overwrought bullshit from one of your writers, but not from you.

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Wow. Okay. Every time I think we've reached a new low of America's Stupidest American -- and yeah, it is always Jim Hoft, outdoing himself -- we somehow find a lower rung on the evolutionary ladder. We shall not worry, though, because Jim Hoft will outdo this in the next few days and we will all feel safe and sound again.

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Goddammit, Rich. Somebody else said it above, and I'm a fucking Wonkette writer, but Wonkette made me cry tonight. Actually several times. When I first saw this post earlier, and then when I read it to my roommate, and just now when I told my ex about it and now I've gone to ALL THE FUCKING TROUBLE to create a new password so I can log in and talky talk with the folks in the comments section.

And also, well done, sir. The tone you struck here is exactly the tone that needed to be, er, stricken.

All silliness aside, to those of our readers who have babies and kiddos that you've hugged tonight, well...I'm glad you got to. I don't have any yet, but I want to and so many of my friends do and I've just watched them all day, the feelings they've been experiencing. Love to all of you.

On Monday I will start abusing people again, I promise.

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Well, and I would point out that it's not just people outside of the LGBT community. Truth Wins Out, where I do many, many things, is squarely an LGBT organization, and we're even collaborating with Dan Choi on a separate project right now. But damn. I agree with what you said on this issue entirely, especially that, whatever the Obama administration's calculations [and I've disagreed with him as much as I've agreed, on a host of issues], this is most likely a second term project.

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Dammit, Layne, where are you? if you need me to contribute more to pick up some slack from PEOPLE LEAVING ALL OVER THE PLACE, we can convince my real dad, I mean boss, to let me write here more. I write about things other than homosexual agendaz, you know.

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Layne, you're getting a Peabody for "jabbering fucktard clownfish," I can just smell it.

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"Honey, your vagina is just too much for me. And if it's not too much, then that's my problem."