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I used to live in the riding, and there actually is a fairly large population of young people, due to the University of Victoria being within the bounds of the riding.

But more than that, it is a riding where even the retirees are extremely active and healthy. These people aren't in retirement homes - they are out running and cycling. They would be actually be highly responsive to the Green Party, which promotes healthy living.

And finally, to call the Green Party a bunch of "lefties" and "dope lovers" is beyond ridiculous. Their platform is actually highly influenced by Red Tories that refused to join with the Conservatives after the merger. Elizabeth May herself worked in the PC government for several years, and still maintains a good relationship with Mulroney.

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Let's face it, Elizabeth May's decision to put all the eggs in the basket of one seat is looking pretty good with a Conservative majority, even at the expense of a larger percentage of the popular vote. With the Green Party having a voice in parliament (even if just one seat), they will be able to build fundraising and volunteer bases with people knowing they have an outlet. With the Conservatives poised to get rid of the per vote subsidy, this is the only way the party will be able to survive.

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So says the man who spends countless hours whining on a message board.

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It is hilarious that people are so bitter about "Rae Days". In Manitoba, there were "Filmon Fridays", yet the Filmon PCs won majorities in the subsequent elections after that era.

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The raise d'etre of the Greens in Germany was always the nuclear issue. That is why you don't see the country powered by nuclear like it is in France.

The Greens are gaining influence in other places too. For instance, here in Australia, the Labor Party is introducing a carbon tax, largely to allow easy passage of other legislation through the Senate (the Greens will hold the balance of power in the senate starting in July).

If Elizabeth May manages to win her seat in this election, I think it could spark a real start in the rise of fortunes for the Green Party. Of course, I could be completely wrong, and the party could wither away.

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Haha, I didn't even realize a concept like Sun TV would ever start in Canada. However, it is so ridiculous in its self promotion, that I am sure it will collapse on its own as people ignore it.

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There are many issues that could gain traction and get the youth vote out, but are being ignored. Where is the talk about breaking cell phone/ Internet billing gouging? How come none of them talk about environmental issues? What about finding ways for companies to have some commitment in hiring young people long term (guess who were the first to go in companies when the economy tanked)? What can the federal government do to cool the housing and rental markets that are rising far faster than inflation (hint: make incentives to build multi-storey apartment complexes, rather than single family houses or condos).

If the youth vote doesn't come out, it is because they don't put any focus on issues that the young voter cares about. The tantrum the Conservatives had in Guelph over the special ballot at the university really shows their contempt for the young voter, for instance. University students are very mobile, especially at this time of year when the school year, and instead of encouraging these initiatives, they have outright banned them. The people my age who do vote disproportionately go for the Green Party. It isn't necessarily because they think that the carbon tax is a great idea or that they are hard environmentalists, it is because they make an effort to publicize planks that young people care about. I came into this election as a completely undecided voter, but after a lacklustre campaign from the other parties, I will be voting Green again for this very reason.

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True North may not have made a public statement, but considering they have just built a new practice facility and done major upgrades to the club boxes in the arena, is seems pretty obvious they are expecting to get a team. And clearly, Bettman's own statements are that he is prepared to give them a chance if other markets fail. True North have an extremely well run entertainment facility, and clearly they believe that the NHL will be profitable for them. If this were not the case, then why isn't there talk about moving the Coyotes to other cities?

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Let's be honest, the debate was entirely uninspiring. Harper sounded like a whiny child who hasn't got his way, with his high pitched, defensive tone (I didn't want this election, boo hoo hoo). Ignatieff stumbled through the debate, and didn't seem prepared for Layton's attacks. Duceppe was as out of place as ever. Layton seemed almost angry through the debate, as if throwing up his hands and saying "what must I do to knock these guys out". Maybe the winner was the absent May, who called it a "sad spectacle".

Really, if I had to choose a winner, I'd say Layton. At least he threw out some policy in the debate. I liked when he made a reasoned proposal for proportional representation, Harper seemed ready to rebut, but the moderator gave the podium to Ignatieff and the manner was never addressed again, which I think was very unfortunate.

If these jokers are the best we have, I hope for all of us that the status quo is maintained in this election, and all parties are forced to get new leaders, and we can try again next year.

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I think you are grasping at straws if you think there are posters here saying Ignatieff will get a majority. In fact, I have yet to see any posts suggesting that. Also, I don't see how Ignatieff's leadership polls have any bearings on whether or not there is a one-on-one debate with Harper.

In fact, the only thing that can be read into this whole issue is that Ignatieff called Harper's bluff on a one-on-one debate, and Harper backed down. I personally don't see the problem of having multiple debates, including an all party debate and a debate between the definite front-runners (this does happen in other countries, like Australia). I find it hard to believe that a leader wouldn't want maximize face time on national TV, not to mention have the opportunity to trump you opponent. This makes Harper backing down a bit curious. By backing away, it makes him look weak or afraid.

Of course, you are a shill and using sound reasoning is probably beyond you.