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This guy also seems to be against children and doesn't even seem to have a high enough level of consciousness to know it. He wrote a book instructing parents to hit their children. He even bragged in there about how he and/ or his wife used to hit one of their kids. I think it was a two year old girl if I remember correctly. The whole read as having been written by a very twisted person. I think he's a freak..

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The mother in Carrie reminds me of my own crazy mother. She once tried to have me exorcised to get rid of panic attacks because they are caused by demonic possession. Who wouldn't have panic attacks with a mother like her? Heh. They wanted to see 'possessed'. I showed them possessed. I threw them out of my house in a fury that scared the bejeezus right out of them. Lunatics. With stupidity of that magnitude, they're lucky I'm non-violent.

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I completey agree with you. Imposing religion on a child can be abusive, harmful and even devastating to the psychological and emotional wellness of the child. This really IS a form of abuse and you are right to listen to yourself about how this was for you. Listening to ourselves about how things like this made us feel keeps us in our integrity and keeps us from abusing others similarly and in this way we contribute to the healthy evolution of our species. I do NOT think you are overstating what was done to you. It was done to me, too.

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Having admitted that I honestly don't know, I have a couple of theories, but I am not attached to them as they can never be proven or disproven. I sometimes think about them and then come to the only conclusion that I know is real. That conclusion is that I simply don't have an explanation that I know to be true. This may seem an aside, but I have noticed one thing that seems to play a fairly steady common denominator in those who have experiences similar to yours and mine -- childhood trauma. Strangely, when I began facing the truth about my past and the people (and religious B.S.) in it, then the upsetting manifestations of 'what-the-hell-ever' diminished and then stopped. Coincidence? I DON'T KNOW. Take it for what it's worth.

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Reluctant One,

If you are still reading, I would like you to know that you are not alone in having experienced physical manifestations of the unexplainable. I have as well. Lucky for me, there were eyewitnesses or I would have wondered if I were ill or imagining things. These experiences did not have any bearing on my beliefs. I am an agnostic atheist sort. Having a certain type of experiences and assigning a cause to them are two different things. I have found that the only answer to some things is this one:

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When I stopped going to church I was SO HAPPY to be rid of the ritual. No longer did I have to gather for something that was empty (even damaging) to me. I felt free. I like to be free. There's no finer feeling.

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My answer: I am an Atheist because anything else requires the suspension of reason. I am a responsible adult and I don't suspend reason. (Sometimes I also long to launch into a tirade about Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy, but I don't because the opinions of those who suspend reason are not important to me.)

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Great blog. I've been reading tonight and it's a breath of fresh air to know that there are others out there who refuse to build their lives around things that are just not rational. My husband and I are Atheists and we sometimes feel like very irritated minorities because of it. Less irritated these days because the irrational people who used to populate our personal lives have worked very hard to make their opinions irrelevant. No matter what they think of us, it is really more peaceful now to just have those people out of our lives.