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I disagree. I believe it was bibi's finest moment - or, at least the one that displayed him fully in the naked light. Netanyahu will say or do anything to stay in power. His renewed premiership will show that at least 1/2 the israeli electorate is on board with his racism at home and brutal apartheid in the territories.

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Melech. Using the Foxman excuse, huh? So, you'd be okay if a U.S. politician warned his supporters that they better get out and vote or Jews were going to bring a "Jew Agenda" that threatened everybody's Christian way of life"?

And, if the politician later said, "the jews still got the opportunity to vote," we can be sure Abe Foxman would be a-okay with it.

Let's watch and see how it all plays out for Israel. I'm betting more isolation and more BDS. Melech, you can whine all you want that it's antisemitism, but that won't change the result, will it?

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Nice ad hominem attack, you got going there. Why don't you address Lyndsey's argument instead?

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Netanyahu abandoned the dog whistle politics of a generation and revealed himself to be a racist (" arab voters are coming out in droves to the polls”) and a liar - we all knew he had zero intension of negotiating in good faith, but he always had the fig leaf of, "we don't have a negotiating partner on the other side." There is no longer plausible deniability to the accusation that the Israelis are the ones Showing bad faith.

Those who say "Zionism is racism" just got an unnecessary boost from the premier of Israel.

Laugh all you want. Just don't forget to duck.

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Let him pivot toward China. Lots of wealthy jews in china (Sheldon notwithstanding). CIPAC is immensely powerful at pushing the israeli agenda among the elected officials there.

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Why don't you share your explicit ideal for "good US ties"?

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Non news

In the early 80's, at the large land grant school I attended, NOBODY In the Greek system wanted anything to do with the jewish fraternities or sororities. When another fraternity or sorority was paired with aepi, zbt, or aephi for homecoming, it was a mark of humiliation. A favorite prank was to write out a swastika in fertilizer and gasoline (or some such combination) so it slowly appeared on your lawn as this beautiful, lush section in an otherwise untended yard. Some of the fancy sororities had a token Jew and EVERYBODY knew who that was. One sorority would put all the girls who brought jewish dates to its formal at one table together - just to make a point.

We were a minority and somewhat oppressed. But, I never felt in mortal danger. A swastika just doesn't do that.

It's worth noting that when the ZBTs had the opportunity to pledge a incoming freshman who was popular, charismatic, intelligent and a great athlete (he was the son of a beloved major league ball player), they passed -because he was black. So, the jews weren't immune to bigotry.

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Atroll: if Netanyahu loses -based on where you have your head most of the time- you'll be wiping something else off yours

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Atroll is not "on the right". Discussion -intelligent discussion- can take place between people who are merely on the right or left. But, Atroll is blindly partisan, so he has no interest in discussion. And, anybody who blamed freundel's downfall on "feminists" as he did, is also, plainly, an idiot.

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Ah, the pacifist Quaker now claims the mantle of Harry Truman