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I got a 3 internet dongle for £5 on a promotional offer. Picked it up for camping trips, but always handy as a backup. Gives about 2.5mbps internet speeds. Not fanastic, but better than some broadband connections.

Easy to use and install. Just plug into the laptop and away it goes.

Just a thought for times of need :)

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I'm using Firefox 3.5.4 on a 1920x1200 screen on Vista Business SP2. The BNP logo and part of the "time to make a stand" seem to have "wrapped" on the edges of the screen.

Same in IE8 v8.0.6001.18828.

<div> tag out of sync?

On the plus side, I find it loads up just as quick and looks really slick. Nice one :)

PS. No need to publish this one, just hope it helps with the debug.

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Personally, I have no problem with people who embrace the British way of life and all *our* culture and customs when they come to live here.

If the British National Party can only survive with membership opened up to all, it may just swell support for the party.

Completely agree about the 5 year wait on voting rights though.

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Joomla is very powerful but not easy to jump straight into. There are a few good eBooks on Joomla and they don't cost the earth. There are a lot of good tutorials that are completely free also!

The only problem I had with Joomla install was the FTP layer on a linux server. But the install was the easy part...administering it was a little more complicated at first.

Just a couple of final thoughts - with Joomla 1.5 you can interate Wordpress into it for the blog side. There's also Drupal that may be worth a look as an alternative.

Best of luck.

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Simon Woolly from "Operation Black Vote" speaking against the BNPs membership policy.

Oh, the irony. Don't these people see how foolish they make themselves look?

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How long before "Nick Griffin Ate My Hamster" headlines? lol. This is the sort of trash that used to be on the front cover of the Daily Sport, back in the day. Anyone remember "WW2 Bomber Found On The Moon"? A classic issue ;)

The Daily Star - Scraping the bottom of the journalistic barrel.

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Overall, I think that the coverage on the BBC wasn't too bad considering how they usually try to paint us. They did take up the point of free speech with the "delightful" Ms Gutherie. She shot herself in the foot with her replies.

As Nick said, a spectacular own goal for the UAF. I expect they just upped our membership another thousand or so.

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I saw this during a lunch time web surf and conducted exactly the same experiment - replace the full spelling of BNP with the initials - you'll see my email screaming about Sky's foul play in the BNP enquires email in box somewhere. lol.

Lies, damn lies and statistics :-)

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The timing of this latest attack is more than just coincidence. Surely, there must be a way of tracing those who are responsible and bringing them to justice.

(although it would not take a searchlight to illuminate just who is behind it!)

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It's nothing more than financing the jihad against us. We're literally paying for our own destruction. Time to cut off their.....funding.