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I do still plan to return to the comic. I know that means very little right now, but it's true. I understand if you don't want to take my word for it. It's a promise I've made to myself, and I guess I'm just letting you guys in on it.

But yeah, this project is taking a while. And I am indeed happy doing it. But the comic also made me happy. So when I'm done with this, I'll return to the comic. And if there's no one left waiting for So Damn Bright by then, well, I can't say I blame them.

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I love him. He's become a bit of a mascot.

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I intend to do so later this year, once we have a bit more work done, as well as a website for it.

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I'll start describing it in more detail next week, but here's a few details: It's all cards. No board (unless I add a board purely to help with record-keeping and rules reminders). It is more or less equally about tactical choices and fun, silly chaos. It might lean slightly more toward chaos, but not so much that you feel like you have no control over how well you do.

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I know that I have to give people a reason to get excited. I have to prove myself a bit on this. I'm not entitled to anyone's blind support, and I'm okay with that. If a few people give me a chance, and they're happy with what I have to show them, I will be happy.

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That's cool. I do care about it, though. So I'm going to keep doing it.

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There is no chance of me losing interest. If you could see how often I come up with ideas for scripts or stories and scramble to write them down, there'd be no question.

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I've been dealing with work and personal things, and it has severely limited my time. I don't expect anyone to follow if they don't want to, and I understand if my unpredictable schedule makes it not worth continually checking back. I hope that I can finally get my comic schedule back up to speed (but I can make no promises). Ultimately, this comic is something that I love doing, but it is very time-consuming and brings in no money. Work will, unfortunately, always win out.

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I'm here, I'm working on the next page. It will be done this week. It's been difficult lately, personal stuff. (Nothing tragic, don't worry.) I'm getting back into the swing of making the comic. It's been difficult to make time for it, but that's getting better.

Short version: it's coming. By next week.

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In our games in the last few years, we've never really had any issue with needing a healer. There's always been someone who actually wanted the job. Sometimes, the problem has been more that too many people wanted to do it.
It's true that the DM needs to design the game to suit the players (to keep things fun and interesting, not necessarily to give them exactly what they want). But that can be more of a trial-and-error thing. You don't know how exactly a group will play until you've played a few sessions. The truth is that if the players aren't following the basic "formula" for the makeup of a party, they might not last long enough for the DM to figure them out. (Either because their characters get themselves killed, or everyone loses interest.)
I think people overemphasize the idea that the DM is meant to serve the players. They forget that the DM is there to have fun, too. Players should sometimes consider making his work a little easier. That might mean building a group of characters that cover the normal bases, instead of showing up and saying "We're all druids, DEAL WITH IT."