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This was a black west Indian race riot.I can't believe the PC British are hiding this when this overwhelmingly black mob almost burned down the country.

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In 2008 security cameras were put in to stop all the drug dealing and gay public sex that was happening in this bathhouse of a park. Guess they didnt help much.Tolerance is EVIL.

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I hope many of the liberals & gays who live around this new church check it out and repent.I have been to this area of Portland and its basically a liberal bathhouse .Way to go Mars hill.

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The parks of liberal pro-gay pro-dope seattle are ankle deep in condoms & drug refuse.Much of seattle's liberal population coddles the people who do this.Until we get officials who are hostile & intolerant it's not going to get better.

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Gay "marriage" foes should just use that disgusting picture at head of this story.That is really bad.

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Maybe after Rick Perry is president Obama can move here.He loves free rides and sanctuary cities for illegal aliens so he could bring his uncle along.

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Looks like the anchor babies have grown up and are now killing each other.Wonder what this will end up costing the taxpayers? aahh the joys of diversity.

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Cool shirt way to go Hoquiam.The best thing about this shirt is it really pi%$es off all the touchy feely un-American Seattle liberals.

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Black males make up only 2% of the pop. for the state of WA but to go by the latest murder,robbery or rape on the news you would think they were 80% of the population.What is up with that?

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Unfortunately your right its the WalMart mentality save 10 cents on a quart of oil and put the whole town out of work.