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I very rarely comment on this site, but I really feel like I need to get this out. To clarify, I've been a fan since the beginning of Season 2 and have stuck with the show for better or worse until now. This post isn't to start an argument or insult anyone, but I've felt like the overall quality of the show has been declining since mid-Season 3. I knew that this season would most likely be my last, as very few of its episodes have really offered anything new or interesting. I came into this finale with as vanilla expectations as possible, hoping to just get a passable episode with cute cartoon horses. Unfortunately, that was too much to ask for I guess.

This episode was a complete and utter mess. In some ways, it's ironic that I say that; a "mess" usually implies that there's a large number of things happening and that it doesn't work well together. This two-parter had next to nothing actually happening, and when events did occur, they had plot holes large enough to cover the moon. Time travel is always an incredibly tricky subject in fiction, but it looks like Haber didn't even begin to attempt to try. Plot hole (how did Equestria even survive until Sombra?) after plot hole (how did Celestia defeat Nightmare Moon the second time?) after plot hole (why is having a slight change in how the Rainboom is prevented changing such enormous events) built upon each other until it became an enormous, gaping void of quality and writing talent. What makes this attempt at time travel even worse is the fact that the alternate universes only existed as fan service, as none of them did anything individually to further the overarching conflict and were only present to seemingly pad out the length of the episode and dangle keys in front of the viewer's face.

Twilight and Spike, despite being a scholarly pair, apparently have absolutely no idea how time travel works or its possible ramifications. Every time they end up in a new time plane, Twilight approaches people as if they will know her, for example. This is exacerbated by the fact that these are the only two characters that we really spend time with (aside from Starlight Glimmer), "Twilight Sparkle Show" jokes notwithstanding.

Starlight Glimmer.... Jesus. That was the worst backstory that I've seen in the show to date, and it's one of the worst character motivations/backstories I've seen in popular fiction. That's really a shame; in the Season 5 opener, she had potential as a character; she seemed to believe in her cause ("I created harmony!") and was smart enough to see it through. Now, she's a one-liner and exposition-spouting cardboard cutout until they actually show her backstory and reform her, at which point she becomes a cardboard cutout of a different shade of brown.

Both the ending and particularly the beginning are very rushed, which you'd think would create more time for the rest of the episode to tell the story in a fleshed-out, meaningful way. Nope. The vast majority of time is spent on exposition or explaining the alternate universe to either the audience or Twilight.

The song was the same cookie-cutter melody we have been hearing for well over two seasons now. Simply put, nothing about the song, from its lyrics to its impact on the story, left any kind of an impression on me. It was yet another "friendship is swell" song to end the season and remind the viewers that, in fact, this show is about friendship.

And really the most painful part about this episode is the fact that many of MLP's staple draw-ins, like its animation and voice-acting, are still stellar. From the facial expressions to the designs of the alternate universes, it was made clear that DHX's animation team was not ready to abandon putting forth effort just yet.

If you liked this two-parter, great, I wish I could have as well. I am glad to see that others are still enjoying MLP even as my interest wanes. I am not going to be one of those people that starts throwing around the "Hasdrone" stigma, as that would be childish.

Well, it was a fun ride. I think it's time to get off.

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"The Good Earth" by Pearl S. Buck.

The characters, setting, pacing, and messages are just amazing.

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Didn't Aristotle determine that the Earth was round? I don't know, just saying...

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Glad this is finally coming out!

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A few years ago, I would have been piss-scared to think about MLP ending. These days, I am rather indifferent towards the concept of whether it continues or ends. Not because I think the show is going down hill in quality or anything, but at this point I am completely satisfied with what MLP has accomplished and feel that it has very little left to show. A series finale that wraps up all of the loose ends (preferably in a full-length movie) would be very much appreciated.

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Okay... whatever you say.

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I live about 10 minutes away from New Berlin... maybe I should go. :)

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Applejack's was pretty good, as was Rarity's.