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What ever happened to Sweetie Bot anyway?

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Wow, 600 fake votes?
How did you realise that anyway?

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0 votes for Spoiled Rich so far.
Let's keep it that way folks. Worst pony stays worst pony

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Like I said on the Followup, the episodes this season were either Love or Hate. While there were a few (really) bad episodes, there were tons of great ones. Crusaders of the Lost Mark was definitely my favorite, and probably my favorite overall. Honorable Mentions for Castle Sweet Castle, DPDOMS, Amending Fences and The Mane Attraction

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I still can't decide whether this or Twilight's Kingdom is my favorite finale. It had so much continuity, very little plotholes, and SPIKE WAS WELL WRITTEN! GIVE JOSH HABER A GODDAMN RAISE!!

Season Review - This season had quite a lot of bad episodes, but it also had a load of GREAT episodes! I loved how even though the story wasn't nearly as big as last season, we still got Starlight's little cameos to remind us she's bitter. Here's to another good season next year!

1. Crusaders of the Lost Mark
2. The Mane Attraction
3. The Cutie Re-Mark
4. Make New Friends but Keep Discord
5. Tanks for the Memories

1. Light of Your Cutie Mark
2. We'll Make Our Mark
3. The Magic Inside
4. I'll Fly
5. Make This Castle a Home

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This is disgusting. Why do people have to do this? To kill innocent people in the name of their religion. It's sickening. My heart goes out to everyone in France, keep safe

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Looks like someone didn't check the queue

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The Apple Family's song is about family who can't be there for Christmas....
Daniel Ingram you sneaky BASTARD!

And it's kinda weird how they remove all the religious references, but still change Hearth's Warming to Christmas

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Exactly, it wouldn't be a good lesson if it was "If you think some guy is stealing your friends, he probably is"

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Didn't it have something to do with the movie? I thought Sony wasn't involved with it anymore